Reformed Chicks Blabbing

Doesn’t look like he got much of a bounce and it didn’t last very long. It was about 7 points when it really should have been 10 and now the candidates are in a statistical tie:

Voters are closely divided between Barack Obama and John McCain in Gallup Poll Daily tracking conducted June 12-14, with 44% of national registered voters favoring Obama for president and 42% backing McCain.

7% are undecided and 8% will not be voting for either candidate. That’s a pretty decent amount but who can blame them with the choice they have, I’m tempted to vote none of the above as well 🙂
BTW those of you who think I cherry picked this poll (no, I’m not the political stooge you people think I am), here is the RCP National Average which is also a statistical tie.
Of course the polls are meaningless until we get to October but it’s amazing with all the positive press and the excitement over the Democrat primary race that there wouldn’t have been a bigger and more sustained bounce.

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