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I find this very hard to believe given the fact that McCain isn’t exactly our favorite candidate and Obama is the lightworker (I might start using this instead of messiah, that should make the Obamanites happy 🙂 and given the fact that Republicans are ticked off at the party’s leaders because they refuse to govern by the principles of the Republican party:

“It’s a much more egalitarian environment, moneywise, than anyone’s willing to report,” Davis said. He explained a chart that showed John McCain’s campaign and the RNC having a combined $85.1 million ( 53.6 for the RNC, $31.5 million for McCain and their “what we believe, pretty confident” estimates of their counterparts – $46.5 million cash on hand for Obama, $4.4 million for the DNC
“We’re at least $35 million ahead of them in terms of cash on hand,” he concluded.
What happened to all of Obama’s money? Ask Hillary Clinton, it would seem. The McCain folks noted that their “burn rate” in April – where their primary was over – was 45 percent; Obama’s burn rate for the month that included that key Pennsylvania primary was 114 percent.
“I realize Obama is the greatest fundraiser in American political history, but he blew through a couple hundred million over the past few months,” Davis said. “Barack Obama will not have 60 days where he effectively doesn’t have competition the way we had.”

McCain has been given many gifts this election cycle. He benefited from conservatives splitting the vote and he benefited tremendously from the prolonged primary fight between Obama and Clinton. He’ll no doubt pick up some of her support. He also benefits from the Democrats choosing such an inexperienced candidate. I’m sure there are many conservatives toying with the idea of sitting this one out and giving the Democrats what they want but realize that we are living in dangerous times and we just can’t take the risk of an inexperienced Jimmy Carter leading the nation.
An interpretation of this post from the Reformed perspective:
Though we are electing a secular leader, it’s important for those of us who are Christian to think about who would make the best leader to run this nation. It is our duty to be wise and discerning, not to vote with emotions (anger, bitterness) but with an assessment of who has the right temperament, experience and ability to lead a nation like ours. Unfortunately this election cycle I don’t believe that either candidate has what it takes to lead this nation, neither have the temperament for the job, they are both arrogant and will not be servant leaders (I’m sorry but I’m not buying the hype on Obama) and neither has any experience running anything. So, failing to find the right choice, you have to go with the lesser of two evils. Deciding that this election cycle has proved difficult, I’m afraid.
Why is it our duty to participate in the process? Since we can’t find a candidate who would lead as we would, why should we even bother since the guy who’ll win will probably be a terrible president? Because it’s our duty to support the government that the Lord as put in place to govern us. It makes sense for us to participate since we are choosing for ourselves what type of people govern us. If we want leaders who are wise and discerning and will govern justly, then it’s up to us to participate in the process. We have a responsibility to our families and each other to pick leaders who will guard and protect this nation. We can’t take that duty lightly.

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