Reformed Chicks Blabbing

Yesterday the Democrat candidates took to the stage separately at Messiah College to talk about their faith. I think they are handling this issue brilliantly and McCain is dropping the ball. He should have showed up and demonstrated that he doesn’t have problem with faith. He could tell the audience that he doesn’t have all the answers as Clinton did repeatedly. I think that the audience would have respected him for it. Now it just looks like he’s ducking the whole debate and evidently people want their candidates to talk about their faith.

The two candidates were questioned separately at the forum at Messiah College near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, which was broadcast nationally on CNN.The invited audience included leaders from several different faiths who asked questions on abortion, euthanasia, HIV/Aids and the presence of God in the candidates’ lives.Both Mrs Clinton and Mr Obama are courting the religious vote, which holds considerable clout in US politics.

Here’s the first of five videos for Obama at the forum:Here’s the first of 6 for Clinton:

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