Reformed Chicks Blabbing

He thought Paul should have disassociated himself from the author of his newsletter:

Those of us who have put our reputations forward by endorsing and contributing to Dr. Paul deserve the fullest possible investigation and the fullest possible explanation. It will now be my job to tell all those who associate me with Dr. Paul that I was wrong to endorse someone who knew these newsletters existed, but who felt he had done all that was necessary to publicly distance himself from them. Clearly, that was not enough.
Dr. Paul: Find the writers. Name the writers. Personally repudiate them and personally distance yourself from them and ALL they are associated with. You aren’t a racist, but that’s not the issue. The issue is how far we distance ourselves from those who are.
I ask the forgiveness of my readers for the endorsement of Dr. Paul that was on this website for several weeks. I cannot, in any way, support someone who is this out of touch with what is done with his name and the reputations of those who endorse him.

This has ticked off the Paulians:

You will not believe what is going on in my email box almost as soon as I posted that I was not supporting Ron Paul. I mean, you cannot believe it. Scary.
UPDATE: Unreal. I’m nailing the doors shut.

He asks if political blogging is always like this? I’ve never had nasty email so I wouldn’t know but Michelle Malkin seems to attract the loonies.

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