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My novel, Priceless, about a young Russian girl who leaves an orphanage and gets caught up in the sex trade, has been nominated for a second award. The Romantic Times has given their highest rating, 4 1/2 stars to Priceless and nominated it for Best […]

The final Priceless footage filmed on location in Russia. Check out all the “Behind the Scenes” footage of priceless by clicking here: Priceless videos. Also, don’t forget to check out the website for the book here, where you will find stories of what’s happening to girls […]

I just discovered that my new book, Priceless, is now available online. Of course, I always prefer that you go to your local bookstore and purchase the book, but if you just can't wait, you can purchase it now at,, and […]

Every day there is more news reports regarding human trafficking and sex trafficking. This is the exact subject of my next book. Priceless releases in 6 short days! To keep my commitment about having the book come to life for you, I'm […]

I’m fortunate enough to have a writing coach for my three novels that is a literary genius. I’m not kidding. Creativity flows out of her like a river. She’s written over 20 books, (go do a search on Amazon) but […]

There’s a new post up on my other blog: An Authors’ Blog that’s worth reading entitled, "What a Writer’s Life is Really Like." Click here for the post. 7 more days until the first draft of my first novel, Scared, […]

Last week  I told you about a two part article I’ve written for an awesome ezine called, Wrecked for the Ordinary. This week, they’ve posted the 2nd part of the article. I’m also pumped that they’ve jumped on board with […]

There’s an article I’ve just written on Swaziland up today on Wrecked for the Ordinary . Wrecked is an ezine that strives to re-imagine culture by challenging the norms and getting people out of their comfort zones. Click here to […]

I’m off on a writing weekend with my good friend, and writing coach Lisa Samson. She and her husband Will, who is also an accomplished writer himself, will be helping me shape my novel Scared, that will debut in the […]