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After trillions of dollars of aid, nearly half the world’s population still lives on less than $2/day. But what if you could change someone’s story? What would it look like to create new routes of trade and commerce for the […]

For a fascinating and entertaining look at aristocratic life, look no further than the PBS show, Downton Abbey. Set in the early part of the twentieth century when the old European aristocratic life was on the decline, Downton offers a […]

This Christmas, I’ve been thinking about how easy it is to become  fatigued.  When we are motivated to action by some severe need we stand up and do something on behalf of the extremely poor. But the next time we […]

This Christmas, holiday sales are projected to top $465.6 billion.  Given all of the financial tumult, political gridlock, and job uncertainty, it looks as though this year Americans are going to spend a lot of money giving gifts to each […]

Is something missing in how we help the poor? I believe there is. Despite an estimated $2.3 trillion in foreign aid dispensed from Western nations during the post-World War II Era, more than 2.5 billion people, approximately 40 percent of […]

Today I leave for India. As I was preparing to leave, I came across this little bit of travel advice, “Many Americans think they have experienced extreme heat, but even they are unprepared for the intense heat of India.”  It […]

No confirmed news today, but plenty of speculation. There are some indications that there is an internal conflict over what is seen as too heavy a workload. Driven by the popularity of the international adoption program, many offices are overwhelmed […]

Groundhog Day 2011 is tomorrow, February 2. Today the high in Colorado is about zero, so I am hoping Punxsutawney Phil does NOT see his shadow and give us six more weeks of winter weather. Tomorrow is the 125th anniversary […]

In the last post addressing a different way to think about poverty, Can We Really Help the Poor, I left stating that the nature of poverty is fundamentally spiritual and relational. These ideas come from Bryant Myers book, Walking with the Poor, this post […]

Bryant Myers, professor of Transformational Development at Fuller Theological Seminary has written an insightful book called, Walking with the Poor – Principles and Practices of Transformational Develpment. I would describe this book not as a ‘how to’ but more as a holistic, long-term […]