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The ongoing drama of WikiLeaks continues today with the news from WikiLeaks that a “secret U.S. grand jury” is seeking the Twitter data of Julian Assange and three other WikiLeaks supporters. After publishing the 250,000+ WikiLeaks cables, U.S. intelligence and […]

Target and Starbucks recently dropped their names from their logos. The Starbucks logo change reflects their belief that they are big enough to not need the name. They’ve transcended the need for letters–it’s so 20th century. Although many reactions to […]

File this under, “What are you thinking?” Terry Jones, a pastor of a church in Gainesville, FL made national headlines by hatching a plan to burn 200 copies of the most holy book in Islam, the Koran. Book burning evokes […]

When I was on the junior high football team I had a bad habit of spearing running backs with my helmet. I'd run as fast as I could and head my opponent like a raging bull. There was a problem. […]

The Resurrection of our Lord and Savior!!! Christ Is Risen! About the Icon: The Resurrection of our Lord Christ – the central figure; He is robed in white to denote His Divinity. In some icons you will see the aureole […]

This year I’ve decided to take Lent seriously. Why? Because of what it represents. Lent represents a re-focusing of our lives from the hustle, the business, and the craziness of life. We make some ‘readjustments’ towards things that really matter […]