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For the past year, HopeChest and AIM have partnered in creating the Swaziland Leadership Academy, a specific and intentional program designed to train Christian leaders from our CarePoints. Local leaders identify children from our CarePoints who qualify for this intensive […]

Today, I got another invitation to a leadership conference.  As someone who speaks and attends numerous conferences each year, I can tell you that at times they all start to look the same, sound the same, feel the same. But […]

Since 2008 the economy has put a serious beat down on many governments, businesses, and non-profit (social sector) organizations in the United States and abroad. Leave it to the primal forces of greed and corruption to give a good trimming […]

How do we become better leaders? Real leaders? There is much to be said about you as a leader. Most books describe leadership as a ‘skill building‘ process. Read more books, practice different techniques, gain more knowledge. But that type […]

When you look at eradicating extreme poverty, there are many influences that combine to reduce issues such as preventable diseases, ie Malaria or Diarrhea, providing clean water, and caring for orphans, etc. But what is the hope for these issues […]

One of the best Ted talks I have seen is by a professor named Brene Brown on Shame and Vulnerability. As many of you know, I am doing my Doctorate at George Fox University on Hope and the Poor and I’m utilizing the same research […]

I take a pilgrimage every year back through the previous year as I look forward to the new one. This is by far the most important thing I do the first week of every January. Success and failure have everything […]

What really makes Leadership work in our lives and in organizations? Not what we’ve believed for 2000 years says Margaret Wheatley, author of the book.  “For many years, I’ve been interested in seeing the world differently. I’ve wanted to see beyond […]

Whenever I come to a different country, I take these short video to help you transport you to the spot. My hope is that you’ll see the beauty of the English countryside and majesty of old building and come visit […]

In three short weeks I will turn 40. This creates a number of internal dilemmas for me the least of which is the fact that I always thought 40 was old. Now I’m rethinking my whole idea of what “old” […]