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Frank Schaeffer doesn’t think so. I must say, I was disturbed when I read this article in the Huffington post. Frank’s father, Francis Schaeffer, was one of the great theologians I grew up reading and wrote books such as: The God Who Is […]

Confession time. While researching what elements go into a great novel, I became a huge fan of Harry Potter and the magical world woven together by author JK Rowling. And while Christians are certainly “disputatious” about what the books mean […]

Don’t you love free stuff?! The SheReads promotion had 400 entries to win a copy of Priceless – on this one, I think your chances will be a bit better. My publisher, David C. Cook, is running a little contest. All you have to […]

The July edition of Christianity Today is focused on the needs of orphans around the world. It’s about time! The lead article is written by Dr. Russell Moore entitled, “Abba Changes Everything – Why Every Christian is Called to Rescue Orphans.” A special thanks […]

The final Priceless footage filmed on location in Russia. Check out all the “Behind the Scenes” footage of priceless by clicking here: Priceless videos. Also, don’t forget to check out the website for the book here, where you will find stories of what’s happening to girls […]

We all like some free stuff. This week, Kari Gibson is running a contest to give away 10 copies of my new book Priceless and 10 pounds of Saints Coffee. If you like winning free stuff, hit her blog today. […]

This is my favorite behind the scenes video of my new book Priceless which focuses on an orphan who is swept into the evil sex trade industry. In chapter four Stuart runs into an Orthodox church on the corner of Red Square in Moscow, Russia called Our […]

I just discovered that my new book, Priceless, is now available online. Of course, I always prefer that you go to your local bookstore and purchase the book, but if you just can't wait, you can purchase it now at,, and […]

Every day there is more news reports regarding human trafficking and sex trafficking. This is the exact subject of my next book. Priceless releases in 6 short days! To keep my commitment about having the book come to life for you, I'm […]

Watch the video to find out if you are a winner! Priceless Book Giveaway! from Tom Davis on Vimeo.