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The Adacar CarePoint has experienced dramatic transformation over the past two years because of the partnership of Southside Church and their many sponsors. There is no doubt that Southside has changed the story for hundreds of orphans in this community. Just take a look at this video to see all that is being accomplished there.

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Since they started sponsorship two years ago, they have partnered with local leaders to identify and meet needs through various building projects, feeding programs, mission trips, and medical work.

Today’s post comes from Melanie Dale, one of the sponsorship coordinators and serial mission trip leader. She shared this story about how her dad became part of changing the story for a girl named Lucy–and many others just like her.

Melanie is one of this year’s Change Their Story HopeRaisers and has raised over $1,000 to help children in Uganda this Christmas. Join Melanie today and start your own fundraising project for orphans this Christmas.


When Lucy Met MacGyver

by Melanie Dale

We met Lucy on the first day of our trip. She had a very bad burn on her arm, and it was getting progressively worse. Ansley, a fifteen-year-old student on our trip, realized that the burn was getting very infected, and so she brought her straight to MacGyver…I mean, my dad.

He quickly treated Lucy’s burn, and successfully communicated that we needed a bottle of bleach to make a cleansing solution that would eat the bacteria and dead flesh. Lucy’s burn was gangrenous and literally eating her alive.

And while we were getting the bleach, more and more kids started coming to us with similar infections and wounds.

All week, my dad performed this “MacGyver Medicine.” Remember how MacGyver would make a bomb out of a stick of gum and nail clippers and save the day? Well, my dad spent the week draining pus, bandaging wounds, treating deep infections with bleach, water, and using whatever else he could get his hands on to help heal these kids.

By the end of the trip, Lucy’s arm looked GREAT. He trained the community leaders on how to mix up the bleach solution to soak the infections. Armed with this simple knowledge, the community can now better care for their children. They are not dependent upon a once or twice a year visit from us.

In addition to guiding us spiritually with just the right devotionals each night, he’s also become the guy to jerry rig the toilet at the mission and provide first aid to our bumps and scrapes. MacGuyver indeed.

Thanks Dad.

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