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This post comes to us from HopeChest COO Bob Mudd who is currently on the ground in India with a team of HopeChest volunteers. On the trip, he and the team met Dolsi, a 7-year-old girl with an amazing story. Here is just a little bit of this little girls big story.


I have spent the past few days engaged with The Friends of the Good Samaritan School in New Delhi, India. This is a first class education institution that teaches the gospel with passion.

The school serves a slum community that is primarily Muslim and secondarily Hindu. The gospel is taking root across this desperate community through the children of this school. I fully expected my first post would relate the story of the remarkable founder of this school of over 2,000 children, Ananthi. However, after we spent the day engaged at the school, we went into the slum and I met Dolsi. She is a miracle of faith and perseverance and her story needs to be shared.

We were visiting the slum where our children live, going to different houses to pray with families. I noticed alittle girl wearing a dirty, tattered blue dress. Her smile was captivating.

Our translator pulled her forward and said, “Dolsi wants to share her testimony.”

My first thought was “How can this seven-year-old have a testimony?”

Dolsi became an orphan when she was four. Her parents died of tuberculosis, which here in the U.S., we not only have a vaccine for, but it is easily treatable.

After her parents died, Dolsi lived in the hut alone for several days before her grandmother received word and went for her. She was sleeping and a “man with a smile” came to her in a dream. He comforted her and told her how much He loved her. Dolsi’s grandmother brought her back to the slum where she lives now in a single room house with her grandmother, aunt and four cousins.

The household came to know Jesus Christ through The Good Samaritan Church.

Once Dolsi shared about the man in her dream, her grandmother told her it was Jesus who came to her and they cried together. Now Dolsi is learning to read.

She says, “I want to read the Bible everyday.”

As we sat there and listened to this little girl, her faith in God was being poured out. Her incredible testimony was being translated, but the real impact she had on us needed no translation. In spite of Dolsi’s horrific circumstances, her faith in God was steadfast.

We prayed before leaving and I opened my eyes to see Dolsi raising her hands and whispering “yes, Lord” in Hindi. You can see her share a bit in this video:

HopeChest has remarkable opportunities to engage in ministry all across the globe. Our partnership with Friends of the Good Samaritan is bearing great fruit and has ready capacity to double in size. If you want to be a light to  communities in Delhi, consider joining us in our work.

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