Red Letters

Next week, HopeChest is sending a team of 16 volunteer travelers to Ethiopia to bring the tangible Gospel into the lives of thousands of orphans. They’ve been preparing for months, and will soon be about the work of building school buildings, painting orphanages and dormitories, and bringing school supplies to poor Ethiopian villages.

It is these times that I am reminded of how Jesus went to the poor. He defined His earthly mission through the poor, declaring his mission to set the captives free and preach good news to the poor.

For the time this team will minister in Ethiopia, they will be “Jesus with skin.”

If you have never had the opportunity to serve on a mission trip, I would challenge you to make that a goal for the next year.

If you have, share a story or memory about how God worked through you and your team to bring His love to those you were serving.

And, please pray for our team. You can find more regular updates about our team in country at

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