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If you're looking for a unique gift that also supports transformational orphan ministry, then you need to check into Saint's Coffee. The Christmas 2009 Gift Packs are now in stock, and ready for you to order. 

Every Saint's Coffee Gift Pack includes a pound of the best coffee in the world, along with a ceramic mug or stainless steel travel tumbler. This week while the rest of your neighbors go crazy on Black Friday, sit back and order up your Saint's Coffee Gift Pack.

For those who don't know, Saint's Coffee was born in Swaziland when my friend Brett and I sat on the riverbank and began to dream. We imagined a coffee company that roasted the finest beans in the world–only fair trade and organic.

We imagined our customers as "saints," looking out for kids while still enjoying a great cup of coffee. That's why so much of Saint's profit comes straight back to Children's HopeChest.

In fact, Saint's Coffee drinkers have donated nearly $14,000 to Children's HopeChest since we first began.

To put that in some perspective, $14,000 is a fully-equipped carepoint kitchen with a deep water well for clean drinking and cooking water. All from coffee.

Because of those "saintly" coffee drinkers, thousands of children eat nutritious meals every day. Girls who were engaged in "survival sex" in order to eat can now focus on school. Young men now dream of growing up to become teachers one day. It is the rebirth of hope…all out of a cup of coffee (several thousand cups actually).

Go on, be a saint this Christmas. Don't delay. Order your Saint's Coffee today!

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