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Okay, I'm ready to send you the cover to my new book (which will give
you the new title) AND a copy of the first chapter. I will send both of
these to any blog reader who buys a NEW copy of SCARED in a Barnes
& Noble or Borders bookstore. Just buy the book and send me an e-mail (honor system) saying you purchased it. This offer is good until Friday, October 16, 2009, send your e-mails to

Other exciting news, bookstores have been ordering in more copies of my first novel, SCARED, particularly Barnes & Noble. And, "She Reads," the official book club of Proverbs 31 Ministries, has selected SCARED as one of their books. I'm honored to be their first male author selection!


It's always rewarding to succeed. But
the passion of my heart and the project for the rest of my life is to
lend my voice to boys and girls like Adanna who cannot speak for
themselves. These novels are one way we can accomplish that. The more
momentum we create, the more children will get the help and hope they

I hope you buy a book. I hope you give it to your friends
and family. To your friends at work and at church. I hope you share
your voice and your influence with Adanna and the 150 million other
boys and girls who need you to speak up for them.

What can you do with a copy of SCARED?

1. Give it as a Christmas gift (or gifts). SCARED is a great introduction to the global orphan crisis. The story is a fictionalized account of real-life experience with HIV/AIDS orphans in Swaziland.

2. Read it in your Book Club. Follow the lead of "She Reads" ( and read SCARED with your book club.

3. Give it to your pastor. Give SCARED to anyone in church leadership who cares about orphan ministry, or just wants to know more.

Buy SCARED before 10/16, send me an e-mail (, and I'll send you an exclusive sneak preview of the book cover and first chapter.

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