Red Letters is a new resource that will help you get published! What I love about their format is that you submit your work; article, book, etc., and they do the rest of the work for you. They will help you find an agent if you need one, or submit your work to a magazine or newspaper. In addition, they do most of the follow up. All of your work is kept in your Dashboard so you know exactly what is going on at any given time. Go to WordHustler now and sign up, you'll love it! This is site works more in the ABA Market not the CBA (Christian) Market. So if you want to spread your wings a bit in a different world, this is the place to do it.

WordHustler also just completed an Author Interview with me called, Inspiring Change Through His Words. Here's the beginning of the article. Click here if you would like to read it.

Inspiring Change Through His Words: An Interview with Tom Davis, Author and Children’s Rights Activist

Balancing your writing with a family, a career, and a social life is tough, especially when you’ve got kids. But what if you had hundreds of children scattered all over the world? Meet Tom Davis, author, speaker, and activist for impoverished and troubled children all across the globe. Tom and his non-profit organization, CHILDREN’S HOPECHEST, have made it their mission to be advocates for orphaned children everywhere.

In the midst of traveling to far-off places like Russia, Swaziland, and Ethiopia, Tom has managed to successfully write and publish three non-fiction books and has just debuted his first novel called Scared: A Novel on the Edge of the World, a story about two people worlds apart who help each other find redemption.

WordHustler sat down with the busy Mr. Davis to discuss writing, wanderlust, and what you can do to help both your writing career and the world around you. Read on to be inspired, in more ways than one!

WordHustler: You went to seminary and have your Masters in theology, but you are also a gifted writer. How long have you been writing?

Tom Davis: My writing journey began when I decided to self publish a book called Fields of the Fatherless in 2003. The truth is that I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. The only thing going for me was a heart for the message and a few self-sacrificing friends who were willing to help me promote it. That self-published book sold 70,000 copies and became the catalyst that opened the door for the rest of my books. Now, I have a great literary agent that helps me to land my books in the right publishing company.

WH: What were your favorite books as a child? What about as a teenager?

TD: The only books I can only remember are two. One was a collection of nursery rhymes withChicken Little on the front, the other was a graphic novel about Star Wars. I was a bit of a comic book freak as a kid. My childhood was difficult and one of my escape mechanisms was to escape into the world of Wolverine, theX-Men, Vigilante, and The New Mutants. In school, I read The Grapes of Wrath and loved it. It was probably the only real book I ever read as a kid. I grew up in a pretty abusive home so it was easier for me to escape by living vicariously through a super hero than pick up a modern classic.

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