Red Letters

Hey everyone! I really, really need your help.

My first novel, Scared – A Novel on the Edge of the World, has hit the bookshelves. It's getting rave reviews, you can read about 33 of them by clicking HERE. The second one is finished and will release next year. The working title is Sacred, and digs into the darkness of the child sex-trade industry in Russia and run by the mafia. 

There is some concern that Sacred is too close too Scared and may cause confusion. So here's what I need: Vote on one of the titles below, including Sacred. If you have a suggestion for a title that isn't listed, please tell me. Leave a comment below or email me at I only have 48 hours to do this and get the results back to Don, my publisher.

Thanks so much, this means a ton to me. By the way, if your title is chosen, your name will appear in the thank you section of the book!

1. Sacred

2. Consecrated

3. Priceless

4. Broken

5. Untouchable

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