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I'm still getting my head screwed on right after being home from Ethiopia. Jet-lag takes a toll on you but so does the adjustment of being around children who are desperate, hungry, and without much hope. Slowly, I'm getting back to normal.

I have great news to report: We already have our first Ethiopian orphanage sponsored! My good friend, who I am so thankful for, Anita Renfroe, has launched Anita's Mission of Hope to help us meet the needs of orphans in Africa. If you attend one of her conferences, you will hear about her connection with Children's HopeChest, and what she is doing. Today, she decided to sponsor the Kechene orphanage I mentioned in this post. You may remember Anita from her Mom's Overture that has been view millions of times on YouTube. She's also now a regular guest on Good Morning America. I can't begin to describe how excited I am that Anita and her husband, John, have partnered with us. They are amazing people!

Over the next few days, I'm going to be presenting the opportunity for sponsorship to other orphanages in Ethiopia. You can participate by recruiting your church, business, or community to get involved. We are also seeing blogging communities take responsibility for sponsoring an orphan community. 

Children's HopeChest has also opened Uganda. If you have a heart for that country and would like to help us please jump over to Daniel Clark's blog to read about his recent trip and learn how to connect. One life and a time, we are making a difference. Thank you!
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