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The X Factor episode 8 recap, Judges’ Houses #2, October 16, 2011. Welcome to the second installment of the Judges’ Homes auditions, where 32 acts must eventually be culled down to sixteen. We saw sixteen performances in the first installment […]

The X Factor episode 7 recap: Judges’ Houses #1, October 13, 2011. Host Steve Jones welcomes us to the show from Paris, France. It’s now down to the final 32 contestants, grouped into eight contestants in each of four categories. […]

The X Factor Episode 6 Recap: Boot Camp 2 & Final 32 Welcome to tonight’s The X Factor second Boot episode! By the end of the night, we will know who the final 32 contestants are, as well as who […]

The X Factor Episode 5 Boot Camp 1 recap, October 5, 2011 The X Factor Auditions are over and tonight begins with the Boot Camp in Los Angeles. There 162 acts over the next two nights that will be judged […]

The X Factor Auditions Part 4 recap, September 29, 2011. Welcome to the fourth and final round of The X Factor auditions! Tonight’s show begins with some clips from the best of last night’s auditions with a preview of some […]

The X Factor Week 2 Auditions Part 3 recap, September 28, 2011. The show begins with some clips from last show and previews to this one. For some, “it’s time to face the music” as Simon delivers another one of […]

The X Factor recap, Thursday September 22, 2011 Welcome again to The X Factor! We begin the next round of auditions in Miami after last night’s visits to Los Angeles and Seattle. Simon is acting as Paula’s wardrobe consultant as […]

The X Factor premiere recap, Wednesday, September 21, 2011 Welcome to the premiere of The X Factor! Wow, we’re in for a treat. Simon teams up with Paula again in his new show, leaving American Idol for good and perhaps […]

We’ve got an exciting Fall ahead for reality TV with a brand new show in Simon Cowell’s The X Factor (USA) and some old favorites which start new seasons, such as Survivor: South Pacific, The Amazing Race and Dancing With […]