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Welcome back for this fourth episode of Take the Money & Run. This week, we’re in Windy City, where partners Ron Stoczynski and Beau Nolen will attempt to stash the cash where Chicago cops Michele Wood and John Korolis can’t […]

Evan Derrick, Entertainment Editor and Mark Traas, Reality TV Guru blog writer for Beliefnet interview the California Girls after their recent adventures in ABC’s Expedition Impossible. Joining us for this interview are Christina, Natalie and Brittany of the California Girls […]

Big Brother recap August 21, 2011 We’re given a quick recap of last week’s action leading up to the current Head of Household competition which began at the end of the last show. Keep in mind, too, that Julie has […]

After the departure of the California Girls last week, five teams remain in Expedition Impossible. They are the Gypsies, the Fab 3, the Football Players, the Cops and No Limits. Ike was having serious problems even walking on his foot, […]

With Shelly and Brendon on the block, Adam saving himself with the Power of Veto, Kalia and Porsche serving as Daniele’s minions, we’re left with Rachel and the other power couple of Jeff and Jordan as the House Guests this […]

The show begins with some highlights and surprises of the season, leading up to the final two couples, Mike & Samantha and Heather & Miles. Both of these couples have already developed a strong connection over the season and we […]

Big Brother recap: Wednesday August 17, 2011 With Daniele as the Head of Household and with Adam and Brendon now on the block, who will win the Power of Veto? Will the veteran power couples be able keep all of […]

Here we are in South Beach, Miami with two sisters attempting to do the $100,000 caper in broad daylight. Rebecca and Jennie Albano are a couple of attractive ladies who are sure to get noticed on the streets, money case […]

Big Brother Episode Recap, Sunday, August 14, 2011 Tonight begins with the competition for the Head of Household, hosted by Kalia. It’s a counting game of various objects, with the worst count getting eliminated. After a few rounds, the power […]

Of the original 13 teams, six teams remain in contention this week in Expedition Impossible. They are the Gypsies, the Fab 3, the Football Players, the Cops, the California Girls and No Limits. After highlights from last week, the show […]