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Big Brother 13 recap, Wednesday September 7.

The pieces are set. Who will make the next big move to win the game?

Tonight’s show is a special eviction episode. Five House Guests remain: Rachel, Jordan, Kalia, Porsche and Adam. We get a recap of Rachel assuming power as the Head of Household with Porsche and Kalia kissing her feet to avoid eviction and stay in the House after their nomination. Alas, it’s too late for Kalia, as Rachel says in Diary Room that “Kalia, I’m going after you.”

Right away, it’s time for the Veto competition. It’s OTEV (‘Veto’ in reverse) the Shark. The shark will ask a question that relates to one of the season’s Houseguests and the PoV competitors will need to find a pie with the correct person’s name on the bottom of the filled pie.

Jordan is the first one out of the competition, followed by Rachel. Now it’s up to Adam and the two nominated for eviction, Porsche and Kalia. Kalia shows up last in the third round and is eliminated from the competition. She also senses her upcoming doom, already in tears. The final race between Adam and Porsche is won by Porsche, but she realizes she got the wrong pie and runs back to get another pie and then Adam beats her to the finish. Adam wins the PoV competition!

The question now is what will Adam do with his Power of Veto? Will he remove either Porsche or Kalia from the block or sit tight? If he uses it, Jordan is the only one who can go on the block with Rachel as HoH, himself as the PoV holder and Kalia and Porsche already on the block.

We return to the Chenbot who brings us footage of the Jury House. Shelly arrives and although Jeff looks please she was eliminated, he’s not really pleased to be in her presence. Less than a minute into her arrival, he gets argumentative with her and she gets argumentative back and it turns into a spat. Daniele and Brendon are mere bystanders while the fireworks go off. Later, they watch replay videos, including footage of Shelly’ eviction, on the flat screen TV within the house. Shelly and Jeff argue again and it seems that he “can’t wrap his head around” her logic behind the moves she made.

Kalia is having a tearfest in the House, as she knows that she’s going to be the next one out as Rachel’s target unless something drastic happens. Kalia tries to talk Adam into using the power of veto to save her. Adam is just smiling and wobbling his head around, not saying a word in reply. Finally, he speaks, “My mind is not 100% made up.” Well, that’s nothing new.

It’s time for the Veto ceremony and Adam simply announces that “I have decided not to use the power of veto.” And after a few irrelevant comments, it’s over. Kalia in Diary Room calls him a “classic grade-A cowardly floater.”

Quickly, the Chenbot brings us to the eviction ceremony. Porsche goes first in defending herself and basically thanks and compliments everybody. She knows they’re not after her. Kalia stands up and says, “I’m never going to go out without a fight.” She takes a few parting shots, one at Adam to “play like an all-star, not like a fan” and another at Rachel, “don’t complain about putting out people playing the game if you keep doing it.”

Jordan votes to evict Porsche (she looked quite confused when she said this) and Adam votes to evict Kalia. With a 1-1 tie vote, Rachel, looking queenly and evil with her large fake black eyelashes, decides to evict Kalia, who now becomes the 5th jury member. Kalia walks out onto the audience stage to a round of applause. Kalia’s exit interview is short, with her saying that her downfall was trusting the wrong people at the wrong time and that she wanted the newbies to beat the vets.

Now it’s time for America’s Vote! (Gosh, can’t we wait until next November for this?) Sure enough, just like a presidential election, it’s a popularity contest. Viewers can choose which Houseguest wins $25,000 as the favorite. They’re listed in alphabetical order, too, which is also like most voting ballots. The only thing missing is which party they belong to.

At last, the Fortune Teller speaks! Jordan is in the room and she calls Rachel in. They run back out and call the others. The Fortune Teller gives some cryptic clues during various times of the night. The poor Houseguests aren’t getting any sleep tonight! It seems like these clues will be used in a future competition. Speaking of which…

It’s time for the next Head of Household competition with Adam, Porsche and Jordan competing. The Chenbot informs us that this HoH winner will be eligible to compete for the next and final HoH competition, unlike in previous weeks. The competition is “Big Brother Fortune Teller”. Julie reads a series of questions based on the fortunes they heard. For each question, the Houseguests must determine if the quote is true or false and receive a point for each correct answer. The person with the most points after 6 rounds wins.

They tie in round one with the correct answer, but Jordan falls behind with an incorrect answer in round 2. Adam picks up a 3-2-2 lead after round three when Porsche gets an answer wrong, culminating in his winning the competition with a 6-5-3 perfect score over Jordan and Porsche. Adam becomes the next Head of Household and will make the final three!

The question now is, who will he nominate for eviction? Stay tuned tomorrow night, when the final three are determined!

Also, just to let you know… Big Brother will not be showing next Sunday night, as CBS will be airing “9/11: 10 Years Later” on that date.

And the Live Finale is next Wednesday night!

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