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Big Brother 13 recap, Thursday September 2, 2011

Shelly and Jordan get into another spat. Will Shelly get evicted tonight?

Julie welcomes us to tonight’s show, looking attractive a waspish form-fitting red dress. We get a recap of the recent arguments, spats, and tearfests leading up to Porsche’s opening of Pandora’s Box and the duo twist. Rachel won the power of Veto, saving herself and Jordan from the block with Shelly and Adam replacing them. So, now it’s a question of who will be evicted — the argumentative Shelly or the nice-guy floater Adam?

Day 59 begins with Shelly trying to get herself out of trouble after alienating Rachel and Jordan, who are laughing it up in the diary room. Shelly asks herself, “What is the next move?” Well, the first thing is she pushes a button to an arcade box with a gypsy torso and head in it. Suddenly it comes to life and Shelly freaks out trying to figure out how to elicit some words from it. It laughs after she leaves the room.

“I think I can talk my way into the final three all on my own,” Shelly suggests to us from the diary room. She soon finds out just how hard that will be when she first meets Rachel. Shelly offers her “past-present-future” diamond ring. What is this, a bribe? Rachel doesn’t fall for the zirconia bait.

In the Have Not room, Rachel and Jordan ask themselves about whether to keep Shelly in the house and, lo and behold, Adam walks in. “I will promise Jordan and Rachel anything,” he says in diary room. After he leaves, Jordan and Rachel whisper about Adam, with Shelly noting “I think Adam’s just playing on everyone.” They know he’s floating and see him as an easy mark. Shelly later continues to try to talk Jordan and Rachel to keep her in the house, but Rachel and Jordan talk among themselves and ponder which of the eviction nominees to vote out of the house.

Julie is back interviewing the House guests. Jordan and Rachel are joined on the couch and laughing it up. Julie asks Kalia what her thoughts were about Porsche opening the Pandora’s Box with the duo twist. “I hope it was worth it!” Kalia remarks. What she really meant when she said that was, “Considering that taking that few grand reduced our chances of winning half a million by a substantial margin, certainly not!” Julie then turns to Shelly who remarks, “In Big Brother, you have to make game moves.” Shelly goes on about how her move last week to evict Jeff hurt Jordan “and it hurt my heart.” (Don’t expect them to forgive or forget, Shelly.) Adam continues to play Mister Nice Guy in his response.

We go to the Jury house where Brendon is alone at first. He’s living it up in isolation, playing solo ping pong. Then Daniele arrives and he’s happy to see her — not only for her company, of course, as it means Rachel and Jordan are still playing. Brendon and Daniele watch clips of the goings on in the House provided to them by the Big Brother producers. And then next comes… Jeff! Quite a trio, these three. It’s like they’re watching football, giving commentary on the House games and activities, but with different reactions based on who’s winning. Jeff is not amused, while Brendon and Daniele are laughing and more at ease.

Now it’s back to a live interview with Julie and Porsche, asking Porsche about the final four deal offered by Rachel and Jordan with her and Kalia. Porsche now regrets opening the Pandora’s Box, and now she’s not sure about the final four deal with Rachel and Jordan because it was offered before Pandora’s box was opened. She’d rather make it to the finals with Kalia instead of the two veterans.

The eviction vote ceremony begins. Shelly starts with her speech saying “I’m with you, 100%” and for all of the rationale she gives, the others look at her with lack of belief or respect. Adam says, “Do what you gotta do, vote how you want to vote”, knowing full well that Rachel and Jordan have it in for Shelly. Kalia says “I know it doesn’t count” and votes for Adam. Rachel votes to evict Shelly and Jordan seconds the vote. Shelly is out by a 2-1 vote.

Shelly shares a few perfunctory hugs with everyone and walks out of the House to a cheering crowd (oh, are they glad to see her go too?). Adam is happy, slapping his hands, knowing that he has escaped the noose — for now. Julie tells Shelly, “You are a fighter.” Shelly says she made the wrong move to take Jordan and Jeff apart while she was still in their good graces. “What do you think about that big move you made last week?” Julie asks, and Shelly responds, “It wasn’t so big!” Shelly regrets hurting Jeff and Jordan and wants to apologize to them and be “friends for life”.

The next Head of Household competition begins and it will be crucial for determining which remaining duo will survive — Rachel and Jordan, or Kalia and Porsche? For either duo team, Adam doesn’t seem to count except for what he can do for them, although he’ll be competing. Although the duo twist is over, their alliances aren’t.

The HoH competition involves stacking donuts on a peg, fetching them one at a time through an obstacle course. It’s a messy, yucky course with pit of sugary syrup that they have to crawl through under a giant rolling pin. Whoever stacks the most donuts in twelve minutes wins the competition. The competition begins… and the show ends!

We’ll see on Sunday who wins this crucial competition with only two weeks remaining. A new twist will happen with a Celebrity Pandora’s Box as well as two evictions next week on Wednesday and Thursday, with the final three battling it out in the final HoH competition. Stay tuned!

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