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I try to support some pretty high brow reading here on this blog , doing my best  to bring a little awareness to some excellent, but not mainstream , spiritual reads. However, this month I will t to read a little […]

I had every intention of compiling my own list of must-reads in honor of 9/11’s anniversary, but I quickly realized there are some pretty amazing lists out there already.My favorite list of books related to the tragedy at Ground Zero […]

With the opening of the movie “The Help” this week – a beloved book now a movie with a huge all-star cast- I began wondering what is next for author Kathryn Stockett.  After all, “The Help”  was rejected over 60 […]

Last week I began a  list, a rambling, a rant that reflected on books that have shaped American culture in regards to faith. Last week I focused on some postmodern authors like Anne Lamott and Donald Miller. This week I want […]

For a few years now I have tried to be more observant of the church calendar in my devotional life as a Christian. I own several books about incorporating liturgical prayer and spiritual practice into my daily life. I have […]

Oh, I couldn’t help but share this bit of bookish news. Kate Middleton and I have something very important in common. We both have a longtime love of the classic “Anne of Green Gables.” On her tour in Canada she […]

If you attended the Jubilee conference earlier this year – or any number of other conferences- then you have already heard about one of the “it” books of the year in Christian publishing:”Veneer: Living Deeply in a Surface Society. ” It’s […]

Holidays are always a good time to look for internet deals and this July 4th weekend is a good time to scour the internet for some free book downloads. The biggest deal of the weekend is through Barnes  & Noble. They […]

Ann Patchett’s latest novel, “State of Wonder”, is one of the summer’s bestselling books and it is getting rave reviews as well. So I have a confession. I have never read an Ann Patchett book before this summer. I now […]

Typos in publishing are, of course, a never-ending source of comedy, but I particularly liked this commentary over at Huffington Post about Kevin Salwen’s  musings on Amazon, Kindle and typos in tne Bible. Well, at least certain editions of the Bible. […]