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This is the kind of bok news that makes book lovers like me a little nuts.  Movies rights to books have often gotten snapped up quickly off of good advance word-of-mouth, but htis is ridiculous. It seems  the debut novel […]

With the opening of the movie “The Help” this week – a beloved book now a movie with a huge all-star cast- I began wondering what is next for author Kathryn Stockett.  After all, “The Help”  was rejected over 60 […]

Yes, speculation has been rampant for some time on who is going to fill the gap left by Harry Potter now that the final movie installment is out. Well the frontrunner seems to be  Erin Morgenstern’s “Night Circus”.  It debuts […]

I am not a graphic novel enthusiast per se, but even I take note of the goings on at Comic Con International. And part of the hoopla revolves around Christians and their influence on the world of graphic novels.  The […]

Certainly one of the best movies of last year was the foreign film “Of Gods and Men”  about the murders of a group of monks in Algeria.Yes, the movie has subtitles, but it is a haunting story  that is both […]