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Two free downloads caught my eye over at Christian Audio  this week. One of the most prolific and spiritual poets and essayists of the last few decades, Wendell Berry, is featured for this month. You can download his book “Hannah COulter” […]

Pastor and author Chris Seay  spoke recently at a Ted event in Houston about the importance of understanding and embracing  our individual stories. He gets bonus points from me for quoting a poem by one of my favorite poets, spoken […]

With the opening of the movie “The Help” this week – a beloved book now a movie with a huge all-star cast- I began wondering what is next for author Kathryn Stockett.  After all, “The Help”  was rejected over 60 […]

Sure, Mark Zuckerberg keeps insisting Facebook is not trying to take over the world through social media, but today Facebook just got into the publishing biz -sort of. Facebook has acquired an ebook company, Push Pop Press. They creative interactive […]

A  couple of years have passed since I read the painful yet  laugh-out-loud memoir “Angry Conversations With God.” Written by talented actress Susan Isaacs, it chronicled her struggles with  God and  framed those struggles in the context of marriage counseling. This week […]

I am at one of my favorite places on earth, The Glen Workshop West in Santa Fe. This is my third year of schmoozing with authors and  other aspiring writers such as myself.  If you want to hang out with […]

I needed a bit of  old-fashioned , feel good inspiration today to  break me out of a cynical mindset brought on by deadlines and travels plans gone awry. This story about seven-year-old Evan Moss was just the story I needed […]

I have hit a poetry phase in my life in the last few months. I have been discovering many poets who are challenging me and inspiring me  in a way other work is not. Certainly one of them is Anne […]

Yes, speculation has been rampant for some time on who is going to fill the gap left by Harry Potter now that the final movie installment is out. Well the frontrunner seems to be  Erin Morgenstern’s “Night Circus”.  It debuts […]

Last week I began a  list, a rambling, a rant that reflected on books that have shaped American culture in regards to faith. Last week I focused on some postmodern authors like Anne Lamott and Donald Miller. This week I want […]