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Some atheists really know to be a buzz-kill. In fact they want to ruin my cook-out and sunbathing time at the beach by preaching their non-religion to me.In  Mitch Albom’s  latest column, he describes how a group called American Atheists will be spending what I assume to be a considerable  amount of money to tell the rest of us that we should be celebrating a God-less Fourth of July. Actually, the group is only flying banners on small planes in 26 states – including my home state of Michigan . The banners are reportedly to read  “God-LESS America” or “Atheism is Patriotic.”

Though Albom disagrees with the group , his response is pretty moderate saying, “My sense is that most Americans are pretty tolerant of other faiths or even those who celebrate no faith — they just don’t want things shoved in their faces.”

I agree. So maybe I’ll one-up their banner flying by stopping by their houses with a tract on the Four Spiritual Laws.

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