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My time writing for Beliefnet has been long – well, by internet standards anyway- and
varied.  I have grown as a writer even as Beliefnet has grown and gone through numerous changes over the years.  It’s been an enjoyable platform for me to share my views on anything and
everything from movies to television to pop culture trends.

Now I am starting yet another Beliefnet adventure, this time writing a new blog about a timeless
passion of mine, the written word.  I wanted to start a blog that would not only have book reviews and author news but would also  provide a place to discuss favorite words of inspiration or chat with readers about the latest bestselling book in our own little online book club. From time to time , I may also reflect – or rant – on other book-related topics as well.

Oh yeah, and did I mention I plan to give away lots of free stuff? I do.  I plan to give away advance copies of books, copies of the favorite book titles on my shelf, and provide you with tips on where to find the best free downloads to read on the  electronic device of choice.

I invite you to turn the page with me in this latest chapter of my writing journey and read along. In the process, I hope you will invite me to read your thoughts and join in your journey as well.



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