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Day 5 of Rabbi Shmuley’s Visit to Africa with Christian Relief Organization ”Rock of Africa”. We spent our Sabbath in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Dennis Prager and I made a Friday night Sabbath dinner for our Christian fellow volunteers from Rock […]

Last night we left Victoria Falls and drove two hours to the most beautiful tree lodge in the middle of a Safari game park. We slept in tree houses. This morning, at 5:30am, took a two hour safari. Saw Cheetah, […]

I am someone who uses the expression ‘life-transforming” very sparingly because very few things in life are. Change is something that requires constant effort and constant practice. It doesn’t come cheaply. But I will use the expression to describe what […]

For the first time in his presidency Barack Obama has, according to a Gallup poll, fallen below a fifty percent approval rating. It’s not hard to see why. No, it’s not because he’s spending too much money. There seem to […]

Every once in a while a story comes along so jolting that it is scarcely believable. One such story was that which appeared in the New York Times of all places this past Sunday about how the Jews’ Free School […]

The single greatest injustice facing American parents today is that they are financially forced to send their children to schools not of their choosing. If you want to understand the level of unfairness you need look no further than my […]