Prophet or Madman


For Those Who Would Have Eyes To See


Part 1 the introduction


In the last blog titled “For Those Who Would Have Eyes To See”, I said this series of blogs would look at creation from the vantage point of thought, energy and matter all being part of something that is working together. I also said that what the series would be based on a book I wrote Prophet or Madman. I can not promise that what you read will be able to shift your awareness and bring you into a state of enlightenment. What I can promise is that if you read and follow along with an open mind you will be exposed to the spiritual view of creation. You will also get some insight as to the mechanics of creation as I was shown by God. I say you will need an open mind because many in this world can not accept anything that exists beyond their physical senses. Much of what you will read will at times appear to be abstract and foreign to what you previously called the real world. Just as Jesus said responding to his disciples when asked why he spoke in parables, if you resonate with what you read in these blogs, then for you, it is meant that you understand the mysteries of creation.


Over the last 6 and half years I have been asked many times by customers who see the book on display at the ice cream shop what the book is about. At first, it was difficult to come up with an answer that was concise and yet comprehensive enough. What I found that seemed to work best was to say that the book was the spiritual view of Creation and our journey through it. Many times I would find that those who held a very rigid view based on their religious backgrounds were not interested in investigating or entertaining any other way of seeing. As this series evolves I believe it will become more apparent why that is the case and perhaps even the core reason this world is still fighting and killing in the name of God.


While we are on the subject of killing, I would like to state for the record that my present view of life and death is somewhat different then the one I grew up with. You might even say that after being gifted with an overview of Creation my view on life and death is now opposite the view I use to have. Today from the spiritual view, I now see life is an infinite experience and death is a temporary one. Again, as we move further along, I believe this concept will not only become clearer but will show itself as being the only true way of seeing. 


It was once said that God is Spirit and to truly know God we must worship him as Spirit, but what is Spirit? If there is one thing that I see is common to most major religions it is that God as spirit, is different then man. 


What then is Spirit? What does it look like?


As a child my great aunt gave me a stuffed dog that had a tag attached to its’ collar. On the tag were written these words; “How can I know when I have found love when I don’t know what it smells like?”


Developing the eyes to see things for what they are as apposed to how they appear can be challenging but worth the effort. My hope and motivation for writing and sharing is that somehow this world can awaken to not only intellectualize Unconditional Love but rather awaken to it and Truly Live.


Regardless of your path or what religion you practice, if you wish to awaken yourself and live awakened in this world you will have to struggle.


More to come…


Love and Light,


Brother Bruce


Prophet or Madman



Hey Everyone .. just home from a successful run of the play in New York City … wow .. what a great time ! … not only was the play a success, but we got some great video shooting done and will be sharing with you all in weeks to come. I know what I’m now going to share won’t make much sense to you because I’m going to quote from the play … and most of you all haven’t seen the play. These are lines that I keep repeating to myself, even today. These lines apply to me almost every day, because I constantly lose my connection to Presence ( God, Source, etc.) I believe I’m alone and need to defend my existence … I’m great at disguising, but underneath I’m often scared … anyway … at one point in the play the character Julia turns to the character Sunshine and says


Julia: ( she turns and walks toward Sunshine, she’s on stage, her final curtain, and she’s going for it !! ) ( to Sunshine, he stays frozen ) Simply put my brother, you all love to fight the mirror!! Your resistance to whatever is or happens makes your beautifully designed stay here seem problematic, burdensome, unfun! Sunny, when you resist what happens you are at the mercy of what happens and then the world will be the guardian of your smiles and sorrows. ( feeling her oats)  Stop making life seem like a daily struggle for survival; because if that becomes your perception, it also becomes your reality …  ( repeating the line to the audience, quietly and intense ) Because, if that becomes your perception, it also becomes your reality.  ( turns back to Sunshine singing ) ( repeats) whatever you resist, persists … whatever you resist, persists


Remember that you are connected … you are here to wake-up to that connection … I forget, I remember, I forget, I remember … I’m coming home more often and I’m staying longer …. I’m a lucky guy … peace … Steve Allen Prutting


Until now we’ve mostly been hearing from those whose lives Bruce has touched.  Now it’s time to hear a little bit more from the man himself, and what better place to do so than in front of the very spot where he first heard God speak to him?

The Irish tell a tale. (What a way to open this blog!  The Irish tell tales and have sayings concerning everything and anything in creation.  Honestly, I’ll try to be a bit more creative in future.)
This particular tale the Irish tell, as it may or may not relate to our webseries, Prophet or Madman, is about speaking on one’s own behalf, defending your life, so to speak.  When you stand before the pearly gates for Saint Peter to determine your eligibility to enter heaven, you stand mute, the story goes.  It is those whose lives your life has affected whose testimony determines your fate.  With this idea loosely (very loosely,) in mind, we’ve mainly let others tell Bruce’s tale in our first few webisodes. Yes, we saw Bruce back in Webisode #3, Bugs, in his local park, recounting an interspecies communication incident that led him to conclude that there is no separation in creation and we did indeed see him two weeks ago in front of the Blood Bank wherein he first heard the voice of God, but mostly we’ve seen and heard from others whose lives Bruce has touched.
We feel it’s about time for Bruce to tell us a little more about his remarkable encounter.  We filmed him in front of the very place where it happened.  You see, the location used to be an Ice Skating rink.  By the time we and the film crew got down to Florida, the rink had been divided into smaller businesses, the Blood Bank being the largest among them.  So we set up out front and simply asked Bruce to recount what happened. 
It occurs to me that we really should be talking in the future tense, not the past, since what Bruce tells of his experience, his wife’s somniloquous validations and the subsequent changes in his life’s direction only bring us to the beginning; the beginning of Bruce’s journey and the beginning of the tales we tell in Prophet or Madman.
Now that these three paragraphs are nicely wrapped up, semantically speaking, I’ll leave you with an invitation to watch Prophet or Madman Webisode #6, Talk, Bruce, coming out tomorrow on Beliefnet, our lovely new home on the internet.  But before signing off for today, perhaps I’d better add a couple of remarks regarding a few seconds of the beginning and ending content from tomorrow’s webisode.  The first one is that Steve’s a funny guy and kind of a trickster, if you haven’t noticed by now.  (That could be why he got the job as the Father of the Ugly Baby on Seinfeld.)  At heart, he’s really a good family man.  He’s also an upstanding member of his community.  He doesn’t gamble.  So please disregard that silly little bit at the opening of the webisode.  He’s just hamming it up.  The second remark is an apology from yours truly for the hoity-toity pretension on view at the end titles of Talk, Bruce.  I could have just written, “We continue because we must,” but oh, no, I throw in not only a gratuitous attribution of that simple quotation, but the name of the French Enlightenment philosopher Voltaire to boot!  Obsequious balderdash, that’s what that is.  You don’t have to like us and what we do because we’re smart.  We’re just regular folks finding our way forward, as you are.  We’re just trying to be kind and courteous and have a little fun as we go.  Actually we’re not even really that smart, but, if you want to know Voltaire’s real name, it was Francois-Marie Arouet.  Now, there’s some bald-faced sycophantic ingratiation for you.  
Thanks for reading.  Thanks for watching.  As I said, I’ll do better in future.  I’m sure we all will.  In fact, that’s our principal motivation for doing this webseries, to inspire us all to do better and to have a child’s light heartedness as we go.  I guess you could say that’s our raison d’être.