Project Hood: Roadside Revelations

A Pastor, a businessman, a philanthropist, a mentor and a visionary, Pastor Corey B Brooks Sr. founded New Beginnings Church of Chicago, an urban, non-denominational inner city church on Chicago’s south side with 250 members in November of 2000 and has grown to over 3000 members to date.

Pastor Brooks is prolific in expository life-application preaching, a church planter and studier of social trends while maintaining ministry relevancy. Worshipping in a facility that houses a private Christian school (K-8th), state of the art music/dance studio and a fitness center, Pastor Brooks is a 21st century catalyst offering hope to the hopeless

Affectionately known as the HOODologist, for leading impactful community efforts to address the social, educational, economical and spiritual ills that burden inner city communities, Pastor Brooks has been called upon to minister in several countries, teaching others how to maximize their ministries by developing key strategies, systems and structures unique to their vision.

Pursuing a Vision to eradicate violence one block at a time, Pastor Brooks is the founder of Project HOOD, a not-for profit community initiative Helping Others Obtain Destiny, by seeking to eliminate violence and provide a model for other inner city communities to thrive.

A graduate of Ball State University and Grace Theological Seminary, Pastor Brooks is married to Delilah Brooks and they are the proud parents of four children.