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There’s a running joke among my close friends that after this year is over, once I die, I’ll have my bases covered for the afterlife. I hope the divine has as good a sense of humor as my friends… Every […]

Within many traditions, holidays and special dates often commemorate an event or a person. For example, Vesakha (Buddha Day) celebrates the life and actions of Lord Buddha. Christmas recognizes the birth of Jesus Christ (even though it is generally agreed […]

I’ve done it a few ways so far this year: Totally alone, with a large group every week, occasional visits…But the question is, is it better alone, or with a group? Get your heads out of the gutter, folks. We […]

In Homer’s epic poem, The Iliad and the Odyssey, we see one of the greatest interactions between the gods and humans in literature and lore. Of those interactions, one stands out in bold contrast to the rest: The goddess Athena […]

Part of Project Conversion’s mission is finding common threads which run through each faith. One of the greatest threads, is music. Name one religion without some form of music: Chants, hymns, mantras, remixes…go ahead, I’ll wait. Couldn’t find one, could you? Neither […]

When I was 14 I wanted a pair of pants so badly, I would do anything for them. I begged my mom fro them day and night. She didn’t particularly like how baggy they were or that they were associated with punks […]

A few days ago I made a pentacle necklace by hand. Remember, a pentacle is a five-pointed star set against a circle. Here is a photo of my necklace: Not too bad huh? I made this out of an old […]

Yesterday, it happened. It happens every month: A glimpse of understanding, a moment of Satori when suddenly, I connect and chaos briefly resembles order before dispersing again. The first week of every month is about rituals and practices. Here is where […]

Merry meet and good morning! Today I’d like to share my process for daily devotions and meditations to honor the God and Goddess widely recognized in many Wiccan paths. Disclaimer: It’s become evident this month that a few folks don’t like […]

Nearly every faith I’ve explored so far this year has them: Creatures that often straddle the spiritual and physical realms of reality. In some cases, they remain exclusively in the spiritual world, never to be seen by humans. In others, […]