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Every few weeks or so, I get an email that begins something like this: “I’m concerned that your journey through Project Conversion has led you down the path to Hell. Jesus said he was the only way to the Father. […]

Who am I? I suppose an alternative name for June is “Identity.” All of us ask this question, to ourselves and others, at least once in our lives. This seemingly innocuous, simplistic question is fundamental, and yet produces some of […]

If you’ve followed along, you saw this coming. Conversion within the Zarathushti Faith is a hotly contested issue and as we observed so far this month, not even I was able to escape its grip. In a nutshell, many (if not most) […]

Hey everyone. Technically, Social Issues week started yesterday, however as many of you know, my family and I just bought a house and so we are swept up in packing, moving, making repairs, and all that fun stuff. So the […]

First of all, let’s address the title of this post. Zarathushti? I thought this was the Zoroastrian month. Never fear. Through my 12 hours of intense research, including several lengthy phone calls with my Mentor, I discovered that the term […]