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When I was a kid I hated to try new things. I was a creature of habit. My parents had to make me try new things. “You’ll love soccer, if you tried it out.”   No thanks. I’ll stick to being […]

Professor Bharat J. Gajjar has written many books including Hinduism in the West and in India, and joins us today for Hinduism/Week Three: Social Issues.     Andrew Bowen: How about we start with some background?   Bharat J. Gajjar: I am 79 years […]

  Welcome to Project Conversion, Hinduism! For week 2 of each month, I will focus on the culture and arts associated with that particular faith. I had a chance to speak with singer/songwriter Meeta Gajjar Parker about her life as a Hindu and how […]

Namaste everyone, and welcome to Day 5 of Project Conversion: Hinduism. As promised, this post will give you an idea of my daily routine as I continue to immerse myself in the deep and majestic faith that is Sanatana Dharma.    […]