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Today marks my official declaration of fidelity and discipleship to the Path of Immersion. Along with that declaration, I also invite you to join me in whatever capacity feels the most suitable. The Path of Immersion is not one which demands […]

The Jain philosophy is not very popular, according to my stats this month. Maybe folks just aren’t interested, or I’m doing a poor job in presenting this path. Perhaps it’s both. I’ve asked myself “why” all month, why this Jain […]

I’ve already done this nine times…but that doesn’t mean it’s any easier. This post is late because I’ve spent all morning–since those “ambrosial hours” of contemplation prescribed by Guru Nanak–thinking about it. The Transition. There are three more days left […]

Math, particularly algebra, was my worst subject in school. My blood pressure and tension rose every time I entered the classroom. Even in college the numbers and letters terrified me. I passed the classes, but barely. I remember sitting in […]