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In the recent shake-up of the Second Vatican Council (Vatican II) regarding the substitution of Latin from the liturgy, one is hard-pressed to find any old school Gregorian chanting in the Church today (outside of older, traditional churches). In an […]

Part of Project Conversion’s mission is finding common threads which run through each faith. One of the greatest threads, is music. Name one religion without some form of music: Chants, hymns, mantras, remixes…go ahead, I’ll wait. Couldn’t find one, could you? Neither […]

Hands down, my favorite part of Marine Corps. Basic Training was drill. Performing rifle movements, marching patterns, singing cadences…and of all those things, the evening jog cadence with our Senior Drill Instructor is what I miss most. I still remember the […]

Every once in a while, I get the opportunity to chat with the movers and shakers of each faith. This month I ran into Arthur Hatton, the creator of Linescratchers, the largest music blog and nexus for LDS musicians in the world.