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Islam, while indeed a personal faith, is more visibly communal–especially during the holy month of Ramadan. And if you plan on experiencing communal Islam only once, attend and iftar dinner at your local masjid. Here, you’ll get a taste of […]

And you should too. Feeling philosophical around a campfire one night, a friend asked me, “What do you think is the best way to impact the most lives?” I thought for a moment, shrugged and replied, “Suicide bomber.” Martyrs come in all […]

Running is a part of my life, in fact, you might call it a part of my meditation routine. Like many athletes, I drift into a trance while jogging, running, or doing sprints. So when I became an honorary Muslim […]

You folks did an excellent job for this post and in case you haven’t already figured it out, your overwhelming response to “Part 1” is “Part 2.” The variety of thought here on the matter of apostasy and blasphemy is so great […]

Social issues week, for those new to the Congregation, is when I face the challenges of each faith head-on. I spend the first two weeks getting comfortable with the faith and its people, and inshallah, its people also get comfortable […]

Math, particularly algebra, was my worst subject in school. My blood pressure and tension rose every time I entered the classroom. Even in college the numbers and letters terrified me. I passed the classes, but barely. I remember sitting in […]

On the surface, I stick out at Masjid (mosque) Omar Ibn Sayyid like a snowflake on coal in the predominately African-American congregation, but that’s where the differences end.     A man, whose name unfortunately escapes me now, walked up […]

I debated writing this post, which is why it’s so late in the day, but I have to get it off my chest. Sometimes these posts are just ways for me to work things out in my head, a way […]

Statesman. Terrorist. Noble. Blood-thirsty. Warrior. Warlord. Pedophile. Ideal husband. Monster. Exemplar. Prophet. False prophet. Messenger of God. Harbinger of doom. Epileptic. Visionary. Illiterate. Gentile. I’ve heard all of these attributes and more for the man history calls, Muhammad. Like most […]

I was saying the isha prayer (the night prayer) two nights ago when I suddenly felt compelled to stop. My forehead and tip of my nose on the red leaf pattern of my prayer rug during prostrations, I slowly leaned back and settled on […]