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I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I like playing on the edge of things: Riverbanks, mountain ledges, religious convention, the patience of others….But one place I enjoy the most is the edge of my own beliefs. Flirting with the […]

Welcome to the first post of Project Conversion: Aftermath (PC/Aftermath). Now that you’ve spent a year watching me personally nosedive into various faiths of the world, we will now tackle some of life’s most challenging issues using scripture and wisdom […]

I was in the middle of writing a post about God and art when I discovered that Christopher Hitchens had died. The typing stopped and the reading began. Once upon a time, ol’ Hitch was my hero, along with the […]

I feel blasphemous just writing the title of this post, but it is June after all and this month we are occupying the fringe of religious thought. God on trial though…asking–no, demanding–the all-powerful, all-mighty creator of the universe to stand for […]