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My phone rang around 4:30 yesterday afternoon, just as I had finished washing a sink full of dishes. I looked at the caller I.D. and smiled. I tapped the “answer” button and said, “Allah’u’Abha!” It was my Baha’i Mentor from […]

You folks did an excellent job for this post and in case you haven’t already figured it out, your overwhelming response to “Part 1” is “Part 2.” The variety of thought here on the matter of apostasy and blasphemy is so great […]

Who am I? I suppose an alternative name for June is “Identity.” All of us ask this question, to ourselves and others, at least once in our lives. This seemingly innocuous, simplistic question is fundamental, and yet produces some of […]

Ushta te, everyone, and good morning. Remember the post toward the end of last month entitled “A Gift to my Mentor“? At the conclusion of each month, my World Religions instructor asks me to present a summary of the faith I […]

I had no intentions of making an entry today. Honestly, I’m worn out. I gave two talks today at two colleges about Project Conversion and my Zoroastrian month begins in a little under three hours. But something amazing happened this […]

Here it is, my humble attempt to recap my month with the Baha’i Faith. My words, nor this footage, suffice to describe the experience I’ve had. The lessons I’ve learned, friends I’ve gained, and wisdom I’ve gleaned will last a lifetime. Please […]

Project Conversion is a dynamic process, and it seems like changes are occurring every second. Indeed, to adopt a faith for a month–to drape oneself in the garments of a brand new perspective–is a dramatic metamorphosis. The only question is, what […]

Yeah, yeah I know. In the last post I promised to talk about changes I might include going forward with Project Conversion, but I thought you folks would be interested in the events of last evening. They were special because […]

I’ll be honest, this has been one of the hardest weeks of Project Conversion thus far. This month in and of itself is filled with learning curves, lessons learned, and unexpected realizations (more on that next week), but the emotional […]

One aspect of religion and faith that is at the core of many institutions is that of service. The Baha’i Faith is no exception. In fact, service and community involvement rests at the core of Baha’i values–not as a front for […]