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The first time I stepped into a Catholic church was November 30th of this year. It was the feast day of St. Andrew, and I was told that he was the first called of the disciples of Jesus. During the […]

Few organizations or groups are teased or scandalized like the Catholic Church. On the other hand, with 1.1 billion members of the Church (1/6th of the global population) which constitutes the largest faith community on the planet, I suppose it’s […]

Jason, my Mentor this month, once explained the concept of the Holy Trinity (God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) by alluding to the notion that we humans are made in God’s image. He described how we ourselves are mind […]

I decided to do things a little differently with today’s post. Because our Facebook Page congregation is so active and involved with Project Conversion, I thought I’d let them choose today’s subject matter. Life is sweet when we have choices, […]