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…Or just a motley crew? What is a congregation anyway? Webster’s Dictionary states: 1) A: an assembly of persons; especially an assembly of persons met for worship and religious instruction. B: a religious community usually organized in a particular locality. I […]

When I was a kid I spent more time at my paternal grandparent’s home than I did my own. I would sprint across my front yard with my mother looking on, and made my way toward my grandmother, who greeted […]

I just spent the last hour on the phone telling one of my best friends and Buddhist Mentor that I’m losing my mind. Best Friend: “What’s going on, man?” Andrew: “I’m having independent thought, and I’m going nuts.” Best Friend: “Well […]

My plan this week was to focus on my Lumbee heritage. In order to kick off my research, I wanted to take my daughters to the local university museum of Lumbee culture. Turns out, that’s not happening. My oldest daughter […]

Who am I? I suppose an alternative name for June is “Identity.” All of us ask this question, to ourselves and others, at least once in our lives. This seemingly innocuous, simplistic question is fundamental, and yet produces some of […]

Good morning, Congregation. The last few weeks have been interesting, haven’t they? In fact, I think the project is getting better. We have become wiser, more candid, and shared more than ever before. That means something phenomenal is happening… Trust. Whenever I […]

I cannot sleep. Thoughts have settled upon my vulnerable, drowsy mind like a steady snow for hours. It’s now 4 a.m. I’m thinking about cheating. An email from one of our Congregation members sowed the seed of temptation when he said that, while […]

The question I get asked the most regarding Project Conversion: What do you think of it? I’m going to be completely honest here…personally, I hate it. I love the concept and the purpose of PC. I love anything that will […]

I’ve seen comments on forums where people actually Googled “Fringe” as a religion. Okay, in all fairness I do have the other religions listed by name. I’ll give you that. But I thought it was funny. Fringe month will cover […]