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Part of Project Conversion’s mission is finding common threads which run through each faith. One of the greatest threads, is music.

Name one religion without some form of music: Chants, hymns, mantras, remixes…go ahead, I’ll wait.

Couldn’t find one, could you? Neither could I. Even Buddhist monks, who aren’t permitted to listen to music create their own via the sound of their voice during chants (I was there. It was awesome). It’s a beautiful thing because music’s not only a precious component that ALL faiths can agree on, but the secular world as well.

If we are going to save ourselves, it will be through song. Take it to the bank, Congregation.

So what’s going on with Pagan/Wiccan music? Pagan music serves two general purposes: Celebration of events such as Sabbats, Esbats, or festivals AND ritual use. Magick is the practice of blending intent with symbolic tools to change the environment around us. For example. In a very simple ritual, one might use a green candle to symbolize money and use a specialized chant or incantation to cast their will into their environment. So in this way, prayer is petitioning the gods or goddesses to act on our behalf, whereas magick is using our own powers and knowledge to bring the change ourselves.

Words then, especially within the context of song, chant, or mantra, have a powerful effect. Sounds are vibrations that spread throughout our environment and influence space around us. Songs or chants infused with intent, changes our world. In a simple way, think about a love song which changes the mood between lovers, or atheletes who have specific playlists that help them ramp up before a game. Music and magick then, are interlinked in powerful ways and are then one of the invisible tools on many Pagan and Wiccan altars.

Below are a few examples of Pagan music from several traditions. I encourage you to spend some time today discovering a few that speak to you in a personal way. Who knows, you might create some musical magick of your own! 


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“I am Pagan” by Spiral Rhythm
Spiral Rhythm has been raising the spirit at bonfires, gatherings, and festivals through song for over ten years. For more information about their music, visit their site!

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“Come and be Welcome” by Heather Dale
“Heather’s original songs tap into legends, mythology, history and fantasy. As a modern woman with Celtic roots, Heather finds new insight within old material, and cheerfully fuses the Celtic folk tradition with a healthy mix of world music and rock influences[from her site]. For more on Heather’s music, go here!

Here is one of my personal favorites. The lyrics are inspired by the “Charge of the Goddess.”

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“I Hear you Calling” by Chalice and Blade
“Chalice & Blade is a pagan vocal group from Vancouver, Canada. We perform traditional Craft songs and original pieces based on the beliefs of Wicca and Paganism [from their site].” Please visit their Myspace page!

This one is just fun. Dance!

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“Lord of the Dance” by Gwydion Pendderwen
“Gwydion Pendderwen was an American modern day Celtic bard who wrote moving songs and poetry.  In his first recording ‘Songs for the Old Religion’ he created songs for each of the Sabbats, songs for the seasons and love songs for the Goddess and God, all of which endeared him to the Pagan community[from]. “




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