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Just as I seek to protect appropriate boundaries between religion and government, I also protect appropriate boundaries between my work as President of Interfaith Alliance and my role as Pastor of Northminster Baptist Church in Monroe, LA. That is not […]

President Bush has declared today, January 16, 2009 as Religious Freedom Day.  Other presidents have done the same. However, it is an ironic act on the part of a president who leaves office with a dismal record on protecting and […]

One of the most animated discussions involving faith communities that’s underway in the wake of November 4 is about abortion policy.  To put it simply, the conservative drive to take a first step towards a national abortion ban via an […]

We know President Elect Obama is pragmatic and reaches across the aisle, but this seems like a no brainer.  The army, religious people and decent Americans agree – we must stop torturing people CHICAGO (Reuters) – A coalition of more […]

Judging by the headlines this campaign, you might have thought the shepherds were headed one way and the flock in another direction. That’s not quite the case, as reports of 50 or 60 or even 100 bishops promoting a “McCain-or-be-damned” […]

(cross-posted on   Wow, what a night.  I know everyone is going to be writing about Obama and the incredible races and probably has more energy and insight than I at this moment.  But something struck me about the […]

Phil Singer over at “The Marathon Blog” has broke the story that Mississippi Republicans are defrauding the system and attempting to steal the election from the voters of Mississippi. It’s simple… Mississippi’s African American communities come together and choose candidates […]

Douglas Kmiec has become perhaps the most prominent of the pro-life Catholic “Obamacons.” Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver has become perhaps the most prominent (and civil, given recent statements from some of his confreres) advocate of the view that a Catholic cannot […]

Governor Palin and her brand of Republicanism are about to overcook my grits.   She and those who drink from the same mug have decided that you are not a real American, maybe you are even anti-American, if you either […]

Parker Griffith, the Democratic candidate for Congress in Alabama’s 5th Congressional District, while speaking to a Baptist association as a fellow believer, recently made one of the most patriotic and faith-infused statements a candidate can make:   “I think America’s […]