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While Obama is still hailed around the world in almost messianic tones, recent polls indicate his approval rate is below 50% in the U.S. How could a man who aroused so much hope be losing support so dramatically? And what […]

Media analyses of President Obama’s health care speech were divided on whether he had indicated serious support for a public option or had, instead, cleverly tossed a bone of “recognition” to the progressives while simultaneously demanding that they drop their […]

An earthquake is rocking the Evangelical world as the longtime spokesman and Washington leader of the National Association of Evangelicals has resigned over comments he made to NPR revealing that he voted for Barack Obama (heresy) and he could support […]

Not the Dream Team some Catholics envisoned, but the President-elect dialed the Pope personally to thank him for the congratulatory telegram. According to CNS: The Vatican spokesman, Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi, confirmed to Catholic News Service Nov. 12 that the president-elect […]

Those of us who stepped up to the voting machine yesterday and voted for Barack Obama did so out of a commitment to radical change. What we got in last night’s victory was that and more. We felt awe and […]

John McCain says he is the new TR. And Barack Obama is a socialist who wants to “share the wealth,” as he told the now (in)famous Joe the Plumber (or whatever). But check out Teddy’s “New Nationalism” speech of 1910, […]

Now this is more like it. Sure, you’re not going to see a lot of jocularity and self-deprecation–or raising $4 million for charity rather than themselves–but the Al Smith Dinner, the white-tie gala and quadrennial campaign-free zone that was held […]

…And as predicted, he may want to give it back. Read the rather funny Times’ “Caucus” piece about Joe the Plumber, star of last night’s debate…Or, rather, Samuel J. Wurzelbacher. And he’s actually not a plumber. But he is an angry […]

That might be heresy to some in the Catholic universe, but the argument has much to be said for it–though don’t expect Cardinal Edward M. Egan to be making that claim at tonight’s Al Smith Dinner. The quadrennial white-tie gala […]