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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

posted by Welton Gaddy

The following is cross-posted at On Faith. I approached Rick Warren’s Saddleback Civil Forum with much anticipation, but without a clear idea of how he would handle the sensitive issues at the intersection of religion and politics.  I believe Pastor […]


The Christian Candidates and the Question of Evil

posted by Paul Raushenbush

  The language spoken at the Civil Forum at Saddleback was not the loaded tongue of Evangelical churches across America sometimes referred to as “Christianese.” Aside from one inquiry about the candidate’s personal faith in Jesus Christ, the values based political […]


The Language of Relgion

posted by Leonard Fein

[According to the Jewish tradition, all of us – the living, the dead, the as yet unborn, were present at the revelation at Sinai.] I had a student once, years ago, who was a hippy.  He took a year off […]


A Primer on Platforms

posted by David Gibson

The New Republic has posted “ Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about party platforms–and then some,” also titled, aptly, “The Corncob Pipe of Politics.” It’s very good, comprehensive, on the current platforms and debates, and also the history of […]

The Casey Milestone: Moving Beyond the Abortion Quagmire?

posted by Alexia Kelley

News broke yesterday that Senator Robert Casey Jr. will address the Democratic Convention in Denver later this month. For many Catholics, this is an important symbol and step towards healing the bitter disappointment that so many of us experienced in […]

Dear Rick: Would you ask Barack and John about…

posted by David Gibson

This weekend’s main event, outside of the Beijing Olympics, will be the Saturday sit-down between superpastor Rick Warren of the Saddleback megachurch and Barack Obama and John McCain–and event being called “the Saddleback Civil Forum.” Rick will have an hour […]

Dems, abortion, and the Wisdom of Solomon

posted by David Gibson

CBN’s David Brody has the proposed language for the Democrats platform plank on abortion, and contrary to some expectations, it appears the voices for “change”–such as Democrats for Life and Feminists for Life–have made important headway. TNR had a good piece […]

Being the Change, So Change Can Happen

A basic metaphysical truth holds that for everything happening on the outer plane, an inner phenomenon preceded it. From the notion of Platonic ideals to Jesus’s admonition that “As a man thinketh, so he is,” we are informed by religious […]

Pavlovian Premillennialism

posted by Randall Balmer

I suppose you’ve got to give the Republicans of the Rove era credit for their inventiveness, if not their chutzpah. In 2004 their nominee, who had essentially been a draft dodger, was pitted against a genuine Vietnam War hero (a […]

More on Evangelicals and Abortion

posted by Ed Kilgore

I did a post here a week ago raising a number of questions, theological and cultural, about the much higher tendency of white evangelicals to hold strong anti-abortion views, as compared to Catholics.  It took a while, but I’m glad to […]

Pro-Life Democrats: Oxy-Morons?

posted by David Gibson

Not according to this piece today on The New Republic site about the Dems platform battle over abortion language, and the efforts of Democrats for Life, a small organization (need it be said?) founded in 1999 with chapters in over […]

Abortion and the Catholic voter

posted by David Gibson

The New York Times has a piece today about Obama and the Dems and their efforts to appeal to Catholic voters who may be turned off by the party’s pro-choice dogmatism. It includes comments from the much-pilloried pro-life, yet pro-Obama, […]

Tim Russert: Not a Catholic…

posted by David Gibson

Who knew?! Luckily, Hadley Arkes is here to straighten us out. In an essay at “The Catholic Thing,” Arkes bravely ventures back onto the hallowed ground surrounding Russert’s passing in June, when he first wrote (read “Tim Russert: The Story […]

More high jinks from those jokesters on the Religious Right…

posted by David Gibson

This time the hilarity is from Stuart Shepard, correspondent for the Focus on the Family network (that’s run by that guy, whatsiname, who said he’d never ever endorse McCain–ecxept he might), who muses on bothering God about prayers for some […]

Senator McCain: Take Down this Ad

posted by Mara Vanderslice

Thank you everyone for your emails and response to my earlier blog post on McCain’s “The One” ad.  The McCain campaign has said that they meant the ad to be humorous.  But make no mistake about it: this ad is […]

Dog Whistles, Hypocrisy, and “Traditional” Christianity

posted by Ed Kilgore

I’m less certain than Mara Vanderslice that John McCain’s recent pattern of decrying Barack Obama’s “messianism” is a deliberate effort to label him as the Antichrist.  It’s not that I consider Team McCain incapable of “dog whistle” appeals to the Christian Right; their candidate has […]

Reclaiming the “L-word”

posted by Randall Balmer

I suppose we can blame Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity and the other hit-and-run talk-show hosts on the far right – hey, why not? – for the denigration of the term “liberal.” You can hear the sneer in their […]

Evangelicals and Abortion

posted by Ed Kilgore

There’s been a lot of talk in the chattering classes lately about the political impact of the two major political parties’ exact positioning on abortion policy among Catholic voters.  Michael Sean Winters argues in the New Republic, for example, that Kathleen […]

Pursuing Justice One Step at a Time

posted by Rabbi Or N. Rose

Earlier this week, a group of thirty or so young Jews, Christians, and Muslims came together to participate in a voter registration drive in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston.  Working in partnership with the local ACORN branch, the interfaith activists […]

Election 2008: My Radical Gay Agenda (by Sara Miles)

posted by Sara Miles

When people talk about radical homosexuals, they mean me. When they talk about left-wing, socialist feminists, that would be me. And when they talk about Christian voters, that’s  me, too.    So I’m driving along yesterday with my friend and […]

Put Away Falsehood

posted by Mara Vanderslice

Just last week my cousin from Texas, whom I have not heard from for many years, forwarded me one of those emails. You know the ones that so many of us have gotten with the smears and lies about Senator Barack […]

America’s Mortal Sin: Class Bias. A Solution: Parochial Schools.

posted by Ray Flynn

In my last  post, I asked how one decided which is the most important political issue and who he/she should vote for for president.   I learned from my readings of the Bible to “Love thy neighbor” and that “I am my brother’s keeper.”  […]

A Note from the Pigeon Hole

posted by Ed Kilgore

The proprietors of Progressive Revival have encouraged us original bloggers to comment on a post by pastordan at Street Prophets offering a conditional disparagement of the ideological disposition of this crew.  Since Pastordan singled me out for abuse as nothing more than […]

Chaput, McCain and not-so-distant thunder from the Catholic “wafer wars”…

posted by David Gibson

As reports continue to cite Catholics like Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine or Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius as veep short-listers for Obama, the McCain camp appears to have countered with a little-noticed event that could have large implications should Obama try […]

Daily Kos’s Criticism of Progressive Revival

posted by Paul Raushenbush

The current criticism of Progressive Revival by Street Prophets at Daily Kos highlights the tension in both religion and politics over who is “progressive enough” in this campaign season. They write that the Revivalists are not “an expression of the […]

Common Good Revival

posted by Alexia Kelley

There is a new faith movement afoot in the public square, and this new blog is certainly one indicator.  This movement seeks wisdom from the idea of the common good – central to in my Catholic tradition, and many other […]

Why Muslim Americans should find their political home among progressives

posted by Shahed Amanullah

Only a few election cycles ago, the trend in the Muslim American community (at least the 2/3rds of it that come from an immigrant background) was to vote Republican.  The argument was that the combination of socially conservative personal values […]

“Praise the Lord–and Pass the Ammunition”

posted by David Gibson

Yet another church shooting, this time at a Unitarian congregation in Knoxville, and yet another chance to ask: Where is the religious community’s voice on gun control? The numbers are staggering: 30,000 Americans die each year from gun violence, but […]

Who’s Going to Win?

posted by Brian McLaren

One of my mentors once told me that the measure of a religion in a pluralistic society is the breadth and depth of benefits it brings to its non-adherents. It’s a fascinating thought that has kept sparking new thoughts in […]

The Conventions and the Issues

posted by Ray Flynn

Once again, both political parties are heading into their national conventions with just about everything already decided – the candidates, platforms and even the speakers.The excitement of political conventions is a thing of the past.Choreographers and media consultants have replaced […]

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