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Today Christians observe what is known as Good Friday.  I grew up in a Protestant church that didn’t put much stock in dwelling on the crucifixion, preferring to stake our faith flag in the fertile ground of the resurrection.  It […]

For Ethically Sensitive Jews and our non-Jewish allies. This text is not meant to be a replacement for but a supplement to the traditional Haggadah. Feel free to make copies of this to use at any seder you attend, or […]

Many years ago, at a party in Los Angeles, I had the pleasure of speaking for a while to Natasha Richardson.    What I remember is how kind and gentle she was. I realized her pedigree — that she was Vanessa […]

Oklahoma lawmakers voted on whether to include a prayer in the official record, largely because the minister praying was gay.  As David Waters at the Washington Post reported: Oklahoma legislators demonstrated the divisive power of state-sponsored prayer last week when […]

The Rev. Dr. Donna Schaper is Senior Minister of Judson Memorial Church in New York City and author of GRASS ROOTS GARDENING: RITUALS TO SUSTAIN ACTIVISM. My people are shovel ready: they are ready to shovel the manure out of […]

These are President Barack Obama’s remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast: Good morning. I want to thank the Co-Chairs of this breakfast, Representatives Heath Shuler and Vernon Ehlers. I’d also like to thank Tony Blair for coming today, as well […]

Bob Herbert wrote his column today in the New York Times about the political power of prayer to make peace in Liberia as documented in Pray the Devil Back to Hell.  The next time someone says to you that religion is […]

Here are the texts of the Invocation given by Rev. Rick Warren and Benediction given by Rev. Joseph Lowery at the Inauguration of Barack Obama. Which prayer was more fitting for the occasion, or spoke to you and why?    Rev. Warren Let Us Pray:Almighty God, Our Father, everything […]

Just as I seek to protect appropriate boundaries between religion and government, I also protect appropriate boundaries between my work as President of Interfaith Alliance and my role as Pastor of Northminster Baptist Church in Monroe, LA. That is not […]

Bedtime Stories   Last night’s bedtime story for my two little boys was about Mother Rosa Parks. A few nights ago we read and talked about Dr. King.   On Monday morning, MLK Day, I will do what I have […]