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The Spiritual Messages of Chanukah and Christmas — and Their Downsides

posted by Michael Lerner

Christmas and Chanukah share a spiritual message: that it is possible to bring light and hope in a world of darkness, oppression and despair. But whereas Christmas focuses on the birth of a single individual whose life and mission was […]


Psalm 109:8–A Prayer for Obama or Ourselves?

posted by Diana Butler Bass

During the last few days, Psalm 109:8, a Bible verse in the form of a “prayer for Obama,” has topped the Google trends chart:  “May his days be few; may another take his office.”  Evidently, a bumper sticker emblazoned with […]


Thanksgiving Day Prayer 2009

posted by Paul Raushenbush

These Thanksgiving Day Prayers are three of my favorites: For each new morning with its light, For rest and shelter of the night, For health and food, For love and friends, For everything Thy goodness sends. -Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882) […]


Halloween 2009 vs All Saints Day (Eternally)

posted by Paul Raushenbush

Hey Christians!  Stop putting a camel hair rope around Halloween on October 31st, and instead take advantage of what happens on Nov. 1st – All Saints Day. It seems like we used to hear more from Christians who decried Halloween […]

Stop Religious and Political Hate Speech Against the President

posted by Paul Raushenbush

***update*** Read Thomas Friedman’s piece in today’s New York Times about the parallels between this time in America with President Obama and the time before Rabin was assassinated in Israel in 1995.   As Progressive Revival readers know, I am worried about the level […]

Praying for Peace (is not as easy as it sounds)

posted by Paul Raushenbush

Praying for peace is not as easy as it sounds.  Praying for peace requires two separate but related beliefs.  The first belief is that prayer ‘works’ and that our meditations and/or petitions to God can affect the material world and can change […]

Labor Day Prayers

posted by Paul Raushenbush

On this Labor Day try something different – pray for rights and justice for all who work and the dignity and the success of all who are seeking work.   Creating God,  You made the heavens and the earth and your work […]

Pray Away the Swine Flu

Dear God, Please take away the swine flu. Amen According to Martin Luther King, Jr. there is a power in us more powerful than the power of bullets. King knew that that power was the power of the Spirit. Call […]

A Close Reading of the Text – The Progressive Approach to the Bible

posted by Paul Raushenbush

Common wisdom holds that the people who take the Bible most seriously in America are those from the conservative traditions who claim a literalist interpretation of the “The Bible says it and I believe it” variety. But try telling these same people that there are two […]

Easter Prayer

posted by Paul Raushenbush

Living and Reigning God We give you thanks on this Easter morning for the Resurrection of your son Jesus Christ! Lord, help us to make Jesus’ victory our own and to viscerally experience this liberating Good News.  From whatever graves […]

Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?

posted by Paul Raushenbush

Today Christians observe what is known as Good Friday.  I grew up in a Protestant church that didn’t put much stock in dwelling on the crucifixion, preferring to stake our faith flag in the fertile ground of the resurrection.  It […]

A Passover Seder Haggadah Supplement

posted by Michael Lerner

For Ethically Sensitive Jews and our non-Jewish allies. This text is not meant to be a replacement for but a supplement to the traditional Haggadah. Feel free to make copies of this to use at any seder you attend, or […]

Death as Mystery: On Natasha Richardson

Many years ago, at a party in Los Angeles, I had the pleasure of speaking for a while to Natasha Richardson.    What I remember is how kind and gentle she was. I realized her pedigree — that she was Vanessa […]

Can a Prayer be Gay?

posted by Paul Raushenbush

Oklahoma lawmakers voted on whether to include a prayer in the official record, largely because the minister praying was gay.  As David Waters at the Washington Post reported: Oklahoma legislators demonstrated the divisive power of state-sponsored prayer last week when […]

The Stimulus Package: A View from The Pew (by Rev. Donna Schaper)

posted by guestblogger

The Rev. Dr. Donna Schaper is Senior Minister of Judson Memorial Church in New York City and author of GRASS ROOTS GARDENING: RITUALS TO SUSTAIN ACTIVISM. My people are shovel ready: they are ready to shovel the manure out of […]

Barack Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast

posted by Paul Raushenbush

These are President Barack Obama’s remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast: Good morning. I want to thank the Co-Chairs of this breakfast, Representatives Heath Shuler and Vernon Ehlers. I’d also like to thank Tony Blair for coming today, as well […]

Pray the Devil Back to Hell

posted by Paul Raushenbush

Bob Herbert wrote his column today in the New York Times about the political power of prayer to make peace in Liberia as documented in Pray the Devil Back to Hell.  The next time someone says to you that religion is […]

Inauguration Invocation vs. Inauguration Benediction

posted by Paul Raushenbush

Here are the texts of the Invocation given by Rev. Rick Warren and Benediction given by Rev. Joseph Lowery at the Inauguration of Barack Obama. Which prayer was more fitting for the occasion, or spoke to you and why?    Rev. Warren Let Us Pray:Almighty God, Our Father, everything […]


posted by Welton Gaddy

Just as I seek to protect appropriate boundaries between religion and government, I also protect appropriate boundaries between my work as President of Interfaith Alliance and my role as Pastor of Northminster Baptist Church in Monroe, LA. That is not […]

A New President, MLK, Mother Parks, a Congressman, My Boys and Me

posted by Burns Strider

Bedtime Stories   Last night’s bedtime story for my two little boys was about Mother Rosa Parks. A few nights ago we read and talked about Dr. King.   On Monday morning, MLK Day, I will do what I have […]

The Sideshow — News and Lessons from the Republican Civil War

posted by Burns Strider

Republicans have a problem… they don’t know who they are. Devastated The 2006 and 2008 election cycles were devastating for the GOP. They went from the Roveian-based belief that they had basically won the political war and Democrats would be […]

Bishop Gene Robinson to Give Prayer at Pre-Inaugural Event

posted by Paul Raushenbush

The New Hampshire gay Episcopal Bishop, Gene Robinson will offer a prayer at the Lincoln Memorial on the Sunday before the inauguration.  This is really great news and seems to me to be an appropriate and brave gesture by the […]

The Booming, Powerful Voice of Congressman Jim Clyburn (D-SC)

posted by Burns Strider

One of the many blessings I have been afforded over the years was the opportunity to serve and work for Congressman Jim Clyburn of South Carolina. As a white Southerner, this African American Congressman, also of the South, taught me […]

A Christmas Prayer

posted by Paul Raushenbush

Creator God,   On this Holy Night, still our frentic pace, and calm our worried minds so that we might experience the miracle and wonder of Christmas.  Send your Holy Spirit to pierce the shadows of these uncertain times, rekindle our hope for the […]

The Power of Prayer

posted by Renita Weems

Sure, Barack Obama’s choice of Rick Warren for the inaugural prayer proves nothing more probably than that Obama is a consummate politician. Obama will do what he has to do to win over voters. And he’s probably figured out that […]

Partisans and Prayer: Right and Left together, for once

posted by David Gibson

This graphic from Kevin Drum at Mother Jones (via Secular Right and dotCommonweal) is interesting: The more politically committed people are, the greater the frequency of prayer. One thing it may say is that the idea that conservatives are more […]

Prayer by Pablo Neruda

posted by Paul Raushenbush

PRAYERS FOR THE EARTH For once on the face of the earth let’s not speak in any languageLet’s stop for one second and not move our arms so much.It would be an exotic moment without rush, without engines.We would all […]

AIDS Prayer – Based on Psalm 139

posted by Paul Raushenbush

I found this prayer on the website of the Metropolitan Community Church which is a Gay Christian denomination and found it incredibly moving.     O God, you have searched me and known me.You know when I have to lie […]

A Spiritual Response to Terrorism

With our thoughts, we can build a system of spiritual quarantine for terrorists and would-be terrorists. We don’t have to know who they are. The Creator does.   Just do this. For a minimum of five minutes every day, meditate in the following […]

Thanksgiving Day Prayer

posted by Paul Raushenbush

O God, we thank you for this earth, our home; For the wide sky and the blessed sun,For the salt sea and the running water,For the everlasting hillsAnd the never-resting winds,For trees and the common grass underfoot.We thank you for […]

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The Spiritual Messages of Chanukah and Christmas -- and Their Downsides
Christmas and Chanukah share a spiritual message: that it is possible to bring light and hope in a world of darkness, oppression and despair. But whereas Christmas focuses on the birth of a single individual whose life and mission was itself ...

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