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There is a church in Indiana which requires people taking advantage of the food kitchen and homeless shelter to also participate in the life of the church.  In short hand – no religion, no food. Just to be clear, the church […]

We all know that as soon as we start talking about budget and taxes, the Republicans put away their Bibles and turn to Darwinian social and economic theories to support their policy positions.   The problem is that Democrats and progressives […]

Religous leaders seen on TV during this ecoomic downturn generally make me shudder,with their undercurrent of opportunism, and the selling of crazy snake oil magical Jesus to make things better.   But Father Jim Martin is impressive with Colbert.    The Colbert ReportMon […]

Vineet Chander is the Coordinator for Hindu LIfe at Princeton University and communicartions director for ISkCON.  Even as the world celebrates the eight Oscars that “Slumdog Millionaire” took home tonight – including the coveted Best Picture and props to A.R. […]

Peter Laarman is executive director of Progressive Christians Uniting, a network of activist individuals and congregations headquartered in Los Angeles.  The Poverty Forum’s supposedly cross-the-spectrum plan to reduce poverty runs the gamut–from A to B. While it is perpetually depressing […]

I watched President Obama’s Indiana speech and town hall meeting from my hotel room in San Diego. I was watching on MSNBC, with Chris Matthews hosting and Pat Buchanan commenting. Pat (predictably) panned the speech, saying that people in Elkhart […]

(Cross-posted from FaithfulDemocrats)   When examining the morality of a society or government, most people would probably argue that the most important thing to look at is how it acted.  I would argue, however, that it is at least as […]

The Rev. Dr. Donna Schaper is Senior Minister of Judson Memorial Church in New York City and author of GRASS ROOTS GARDENING: RITUALS TO SUSTAIN ACTIVISM. My people are shovel ready: they are ready to shovel the manure out of […]

David Waters in his Under God blog asks these good questions about President Obama’s decision to defer a final decision on the non-discrimination hiring policy for groups getting federal money though the new White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood […]

A couple of years ago a group of Princeton students went on a Habitat trip to Mexico. They learned about Mexican culture, relished being away from the pressure of the Princeton bubble and, of course, built houses.  One of the […]