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Last week, Rep. Shuler and Perriello headlined a press conference hosted by Faith in Public Life featuring a who’s who of the faith community and rolling out the largest paid media campaign ever by progressives targeting faith voters with an […]

Last Friday, my family went to see the new Star Trek movie.  We really enjoyed the renewed adventures of Captain Kirk and the starship Enterprise.  We weren’t alone.  The audience in the nearly full theater loved the film.  And it […]

All day Wednesday, MSNBC advertised a discussion about the “new role” of religion and politics to be aired on the Chris Matthews Show.   When the show began, guest host Mike Barnicle announced that the debate would feature atheist Christopher Hitchens […]

A couple days ago I needed a haircut and a shave.  Passing by an unfamiliar barber shop I noticed a sticker in the window that I hadn’t seen for a few decades that read: “America: Love it or Leave it.”   […]

The Republicans are a funny lot right now – not funny ha ha, but funny sad.   Rush Limbaugh has become their de facto king and any time any person says that the king has no clothes, they get reprimanded and […]

Yesterday morning CNBC anchor Rick Santelli exploded in a rant on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange against President Obama’s housing proposal.  He attacked the “losers” who got suckered into bad mortgages, shouted that the proposal rewarded “bad behavior,” […]

(Cross-posted from FaithfulDemocrats)   When examining the morality of a society or government, most people would probably argue that the most important thing to look at is how it acted.  I would argue, however, that it is at least as […]

I love Special K cereal – it was my mom’s preferred brand when I was growing up (dad liked Shredded Wheat) and I continue to eat it and buy it for my kids. Two of them love it. But daddy isn’t buying it […]

One of the most intriguing aspects of the current debate on the economic recovery act is the strange way the terms “postpartisan” and “bipartisan” are being thrown around by both politicians and the media. President Obama campaigned as a postpartisan […]

On Wednesday Jan. 1st the Tikkun Community and the Network of Spiritual Progressives purchased an full page Ad in The New York Times (it appears on page A17 of Wednesday’s issue).  It was signed by about 3000 people and funded […]