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Why Jews Around the World are Praying for the Victory of the Egyptian Uprising

posted by Michael Lerner

Originally appeared on Tikkun Daily Blog Ever since the victory over the dictator of Tunisia and the subsequent uprising in Egypt, my email has been flooded with messages from Jews around the world hoping and praying for the victory of the Egyptian […]


The Spiritual Messages of Chanukah and Christmas — and Their Downsides

posted by Michael Lerner

Christmas and Chanukah share a spiritual message: that it is possible to bring light and hope in a world of darkness, oppression and despair. But whereas Christmas focuses on the birth of a single individual whose life and mission was […]


After Attack on Rabbi Lerner’s Home: What you Can do to Help?

posted by Michael Lerner

The media once again has failed to cover attacks on the Left from the Right. This time it came in the form of an assault on the home of Tikkun Magazine’s editor Rabbi Michael Lerner. Lerner had announced that Tikkun […]


We Tried to Warn Obama…But He Wouldn’t Listen

posted by Michael Lerner

The defeat of the Democrats choice to succeed Ted Kennedy in the U.S. Senate is being treated as though there is a decided shift of mass opinion to the Right in the U.S.  But it is the Obama Administration, not […]

Responding to Hitchens on Chanukah

posted by Michael Lerner

In the typical fashion that have made Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins into heroes among those who hate (sometimes for good reasons, sometimes not) the religions of the world, we get below Hitchens’ distortions endorsed by Dawkins. The approach is […]

The Problem with the Ten Commandments

posted by Diana Butler Bass

ABC’s Nightline has been running a series on the Ten Commandments in which they explore the issues and dimensions of each commandment in contemporary society.   Tonight’s commandment:  Thou shalt not commit adultery. The series is interesting and, in many ways, […]

No Moral Relativism Here

posted by Diana Butler Bass

With yesterday’s shooting at the Holocaust museum, I was reminded of a story told to me several years ago by a professor of when he had been a doctoral student.  An eminent post-modern theologian had come to his university to […]

Cairo and the New Faith Frame

posted by Diana Butler Bass

Following the President’s Cairo University speech a number of journalists commented that it was a political speech and not very “religious.”  Indeed, one referred to his policy remarks as “wonky” in which he primarily addressed seven areas of tension that […]

Dueling Visions of American Renewal

posted by Diana Butler Bass

In 2004, a little book appeared that made quite a splash among dispirited Democrats:  George Lakoff’s Don’t Think of an Elephant.  In it, Lakoff argued that Republicans and Democrats worked out of two different “framing” stories–frames are “mental structures that […]

Obama’s Mistaken Middle East Peace Strategy or No More Negotiations to Nowhere!

posted by Michael Lerner

While doves in the American Jewish community are lining up to support President Obama in his supposed confrontation with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, the hard-nosed supporters of the Occupation can sigh with relief. Nothing proposed by Obama is likely to […]

Ahmadinejad Gives Another Victory to the Israeli Right: It’s time for Muslims and Arabs to Join Us in Denouncing His Racism and Holocaust Denial

posted by Michael Lerner

When representatives of many Arab and Muslim nations publicly applaud Ahmadinejad’s racist rant, the real losers are the Palestinians. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s speech at the Durban II conference on racism turned into a racist rant against Israel and the […]

Faith, Politics, and the Rest of Us

posted by Diana Butler Bass

All day Wednesday, MSNBC advertised a discussion about the “new role” of religion and politics to be aired on the Chris Matthews Show.   When the show began, guest host Mike Barnicle announced that the debate would feature atheist Christopher Hitchens […]

President’s Faith-Based Advisory Council Taps Four Progressive Leaders Featured in Recent Book, Progressive & Religious

posted by Robert P. Jones

President Obama’s newly unveiled Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships taps four progressive religious leaders featured in my recent book, Progressive & Religious: How Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Buddhist Leaders are Moving Beyond the Culture Wars and Transforming American […]

A Passover Seder Haggadah Supplement

posted by Michael Lerner

For Ethically Sensitive Jews and our non-Jewish allies. This text is not meant to be a replacement for but a supplement to the traditional Haggadah. Feel free to make copies of this to use at any seder you attend, or […]

The Religious Control of the Israeli Army

posted by Paul Raushenbush

This seriously upsetting article in the New York Times Sunday paper chronicles the increasing influence of the religious right in Israeli’s armed forces and its affect on the execution of the war on Gaza.  Especially chilling is the quote from […]

A Cancer Survivor’s Argument for Embryonic Stem Cell Research

posted by Paul Raushenbush

Rabbi David Wolpe writes in Washington Post’s On Faith from the point of view of a cancer survivor and as a religious leader. From both vantage points he supports the president’s lifting of the ban on embryonic stem cell research.  His concise […]

Avigdor Lieberman: A Threat to Israeli Democracy

posted by guestblogger

Matthew Weiner is the Program Director at the Interfaith Center of New York. He is writing a book about interfaith and civil society.    What does it take to get a secular Israeli Harvard Mathematician who has never engaged in […]

The Pope’s historical revisions

posted by David Gibson

Benedict XVI continues to take heat on two fronts since last weekend’s reinstatement of four far-right, schismatic bishops: from Catholics anywhere to the left of Franco are upset at the implicit repudiation of Vatican II, and from Jews who are […]

Cease Fire Now in Gaza – Full Page Ad in the New York Times

posted by Michael Lerner

On Wednesday Jan. 1st the Tikkun Community and the Network of Spiritual Progressives purchased an full page Ad in The New York Times (it appears on page A17 of Wednesday’s issue).  It was signed by about 3000 people and funded […]

“There Is No Alternative” Is No Answer

posted by Leonard Fein

Crossposted at The Jewish Daily Forward.  In August of 1973 I arrived in Israel as a guest of the Foreign Ministry. For reasons I no longer recall, the ministry had decided that trying to effect my conversion to its view […]

The Gaza Conflict and Concentration Camps

posted by Paul Raushenbush

Beliefnet Bloggers Rabbi Brad Hirschfield and David Gibson have had an interesting, heated and apparently productive debate that was initiated by a Catholic comparing Gaza to a concentration camp.   From the last post by Rabbi Hirschfield:  Thanks to Pontifications […]

Will Israel Split America’s Religious Left?

posted by Paul Raushenbush

Steve Waldman asks the question whether the current crisis will split the religious left.  He predicts: “Most likely what will happen next is that an over-reaction from the Protestant left will prompt American Jews into an uncomfortable (but familiar) defensive […]

The Urgency of Now – Obama Must Act on Gaza

posted by Omid Safi

The death toll from Gaza keeps rising like a morbid nightmare, from 150 to 300, to at last count 702 victims.     702 Palestinians killed by the Israeli military through massive bombings that have inflicted unimaginable violence upon some of the […]

A Strategy to End the Israel/Palestine Struggle Once and For All

posted by Michael Lerner

The leadership of the State of Israel has rejected the latest calls for a cease fire. Only President-Elect Obama has the moral authority to make a call for a cease fire that could be listened to seriously by the Israelis. […]

Israel in Gaza

posted by Michael Lerner

Israel is still using a strategy of domination in its struggle with Hamas, trying to use force to gain security. But this is a recipe for endless war. Gaza, December 31, 2008Israel’s attempt to wipe out Hamas is understandable, but […]

Barack Obama and the (progressive) Religious Revival

posted by Paul Raushenbush

Barack Obama’s transition team is ringing in the New Year with a series of meetings with religious groups reports Dan Gilgoff at US News.  It is striking that the names that dominate the list are the very ones that some […]

Israeli Attacks on Gaza: Not by Might, and Not by Power

posted by Paul Raushenbush

Rabbi Arthur Waskow of the Shalom Center sent out this message about the Israeli bombing of Gaza. Today the starkest choice of values and visions of the future was laid before the Jewish people throughout the world. On the one […]

Brandeis Descendants Support Obama

posted by Paul Raushenbush

The Legacy of Justice Louis D. Brandeis and the Jewish Vote: 

The Jewish Vote – A Backlash Against Christians?

posted by Paul Raushenbush

Should or shouldn’t Jews vote for John McCain?  What effect does his choice of Sarah Palin as running mate (apparently instead of Joe Lieberman) whose religious world view is frightening and repellent to most Jewish voters have on their decision? […]

A Jewish Perspective on Palin

posted by Leonard Fein

“A grand slam home run,” the commentators agreed.  More like a foul — a very foul — ball to me. The subject is, of course, Sarah Palin, whose not-yet week-old candidacy for Vice President of the United States has sucked […]

Sounding the Alarm: Darfur, Elul, and the Presidential Election

posted by Rabbi Or N. Rose

Today is the third day of the Hebrew month of Elul.  This is the last month of the Jewish calendar, a time of sustained introspection in preparation for Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) and Yom Kippur (the Day of […]

Notes from the Old Empire (by Sara Miles)

posted by Sara Miles

    “Of course,” Patricia told me, leaning in close, “of course English people don’t even like the Scottish.” Patricia, the funny, perceptive, activist wife of a progressive Church of England vicar, made a face. ” I have no idea if […]

Reading Heschel on the Sabbath

posted by Rabbi Or N. Rose

On Saturday afternoon, after putting my children down for a nap, I took the opportunity to reread selections from Abraham Joshua Heschel’s The Sabbath.  First published in 1951, this poetic gem has been read by countless spiritual seekers–Jewish and non-Jewish–throughout […]

Pursuing Justice One Step at a Time

posted by Rabbi Or N. Rose

Earlier this week, a group of thirty or so young Jews, Christians, and Muslims came together to participate in a voter registration drive in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston.  Working in partnership with the local ACORN branch, the interfaith activists […]

The Immigrant March in Iowa

Over the last quarter century, religious has almost become synonymous with Republican and right wing. Religion has been limited to abortion,  homosexuality and stem cell research.  But that is changing. People of faith are reviving the movements that helped to […]

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Why Jews Around the World are Praying for the Victory of the Egyptian Uprising
Originally appeared on Tikkun Daily BlogEver since the victory over the dictator of Tunisia and the subsequent uprising in Egypt, my email has been flooded with messages from Jews around the world hoping and praying for the victory of ...

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The Spiritual Messages of Chanukah and Christmas -- and Their Downsides
Christmas and Chanukah share a spiritual message: that it is possible to bring light and hope in a world of darkness, oppression and despair. But whereas Christmas focuses on the birth of a single individual whose life and mission was itself ...

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