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I found this article over at Religion Dispatches about how conservatives Catholics are cafeteria Catholics in their own way:  “Cafeteria Catholics” is a term often used by conservatives to describe members of the church who are not in alignment with Church […]

John Gehring is Senior Writer and Deputy Communications Director for Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good. As the nation mourns the loss of Sen. Ted Kennedy, there is no more fitting way to honor the legacy of this prolific […]

I can’t say that I always loved Ted Kennedy.  For years, I have agreed with the issues he fought for–especially regarding his concern for the sick, the poor, and the elderly.  But, I confess, Senator Kennedy’s personal behavior often proved […]

Senator Edward Kennedy has died. It is not unexpected but his death marks an end of the era of the Kennedy brothers and their profound contributions to America.  I titled this post The Faith, Value and Politics of Senator Edward Kennedy after […]

John Gehring is Deputy Communications Director and Senior Writer for Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good   It’s not every day you see a commentary penned by a Catholic priest with this headline: Bishops Wrong: Health Care Not a […]

Were any of the Wall Street scam artists and greed mongers who led our country and world into economic meltdown Roman Catholics?  If so, will they receive communion?   The New York Times reports on the Encyclical Letter Caritas in Veritate…On […]

There is a great post over on faithfuldemocrats about the unfortunately decision by Liberty University to revoke the charter for it’s college Democrats b/c the Democratic platform was unChristian.  Check it out, and then join the facebook petition to reinstate […]

Barack Obama’s graduation address at Notre Dame was a victory for the President and for the United States.  From the moment he walked onto the platform, to when he was conferred the honorary doctorate, to during and after his speech, […]

In 1899, Pope Leo condemned “Americanism” as a heresy.  Americanism, a theological development in American Roman Catholicism, was a complex of progressive ideals regarding freedom, separation of church and state, historical criticism and scientific inquiry that attempted to reconcile traditional […]

Last week, Rep. Shuler and Perriello headlined a press conference hosted by Faith in Public Life featuring a who’s who of the faith community and rolling out the largest paid media campaign ever by progressives targeting faith voters with an […]