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Barack Obama’s graduation address at Notre Dame was a victory for the President and for the United States.  From the moment he walked onto the platform, to when he was conferred the honorary doctorate, to during and after his speech, […]

In 1899, Pope Leo condemned “Americanism” as a heresy.  Americanism, a theological development in American Roman Catholicism, was a complex of progressive ideals regarding freedom, separation of church and state, historical criticism and scientific inquiry that attempted to reconcile traditional […]

I remember reading something by that famously spiritual sage Dan Savage about abortion.  He was reporting an argument he had with another guy about abortion, with Savage taking the position that if a woman hadn’t gotten around to having an […]

Pesident Obama will give the commencement address at Notre Dame.  The Bishop of South Bend, John D’Arcy has decided to not attend (boycott is the more provacative term).  But my guess is that the real excitment will come from the anti-abortion […]

Rabbi David Wolpe writes in Washington Post’s On Faith from the point of view of a cancer survivor and as a religious leader. From both vantage points he supports the president’s lifting of the ban on embryonic stem cell research.  His concise […]

Gov. Kathleen Sebelius’s nomination for HHS has largely focused on her abortion record thanks to a concerted effort by ultra conservatives such as the Catholic League’s Bill Donohue who said:  “Sebelius’ support for abortion is so far off-the-charts that she […]

William Saletan writes a great article in the New York Times which will either inspire or provoke everyone involved in the current culture wars.  His argument is for basic practicality to prevail in approaches to both gay marriage and abortion.  […]

Abortion is not condemned in the Bible is the conclusion that Pagan blogger Gus diZerega reaches to his own surprise: Scripture mentions human life being in the womb at some point, but it NEVER mentions that conception is where Biblically […]

Rev. Jim Wallis of Sojourners issued this statement today on  the manner that President Obama made his decision to reverse the policy that restricted federal money for any international NGO that provides or promotes abortion as part of family planning efforts.   […]

Kate M. Ott is the associate director, Religious Institute on Sexual Morality, Justice, and Healing During the President’s Inauguration, Catholic Vote ran an advertisement on BET (Black Entertainment Television) that used Barack Obama‘s story as an anti-abortion tale. My first reaction […]